Keep watch on World Environment Day with DStv documentaries, 4-10 June

From the Environment Day message of The Grand African Green Up to the dire warnings behind Signs of A Psychopath and American Cartel, DStv’s dramatic documentaries take you inside the issues

With World Environment Day on Saturday, 5 June and World Oceans Day on Tuesday, 8 June, it’s time to renew our promise to our planet. This year’s World Environment Day theme is Reimagine. Recreate. Restore – and DStv has some intriguing series aimed at reawakening your passion by showing you just how much 1 person can do to save the world. National Geographic’s The Grand African Green Up shows us how 30 African countries (including South Africa) are re-writing the future. And there are more natural wonders in store in The Moose Movie and Australia on National Geographic Wild.

While some shows are a celebration, others are more of a warning as DStv explores the darker side of human nature across its documentaries this week. True crime series Survivors With Denise Welch S1 interviews people who survived close encounters with killers, while the chilling Signs of A Psychopath shows us the warning signs of the monsters who live among us. American Cartel traces the path of a bullet that killed a police officer through to street gangs and drug cartels and corrupt politicians. And 3-episode biographical series The Rise of The Murdoch Dynasty looks at how 1 media mogul perverted the truth and politics in pursuit of power.

And from Stonehenge to the McMansion, we can learn a lot about people from the structures they build and the statements they want them to make – as we’ll see in 2 rather different documentaries: Stonehenge: The Lost Circle Revealed and Joan Rivers’ Lifestyle of The Rich & Famous-style series How’d You Get So Rich. 

Looking for more factual entertainment? Check out a few of our top picks here. And for more snack-sized info on DStv’s biggest shows, check out #OhSnack on the DStv YouTube Channel.

Green screen

The Dark Side

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Stonehenge: The Lost Circle Revealed

Professor Alice Roberts takes us inside her decade-long historical quest to explore 1 of the mysteries of the famous bluestone circle of Stonehenge. Using cutting-edge research and the help of a dedicated team of archaeologists led by Professor Mike Parker Pearson, Professor Alice introduces the evidence that fills a 400-year gap in our knowledge of the bluestones, showing that the original stones of Britain’s most iconic monument had a previous life, revealing where the stones came from, and how they were moved from Wales to England.

Watch on Monday, 7 June on BBC Earth (DStv channel 184) at 18:50

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How’d You Get So Rich S1 & S2

Comedienne Joan Rivers hosts this irreverent reality series from the 2010s, which was produced by the man behind Survivor – Mark Burnett. Joan has an eye for the absurd indulgences of the super rich, like the inventor of a child’s toy whose dog now has its own walk-in closet, or a Croatian immigrant who went from being dirt floor poor to having his own ballroom. Joan also takes in the bizarre ways that people have made their fortune, from selling “Butt Paste” to wearable blankets people can slouch about in.

Watch from Monday, 7 June on Showmax

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