Wednesdays on HONEY (DStv channel 173)
Wednesdays on HONEY (DStv channel 173)

Kenyan-Based Producers Are Telling Stories Beyond Boundaries

Fareed Khimani is telling stories that go to the heart of the human spirit, romance, love and maybe even a little bit of heartbreak.

African television is witnessing a boom period, as fresh and exciting ideas break onto the scene and tenacious talents hold up an imaginative new lens through which Africans can see themselves and share an uplifting new narrative in the world.

One “evolutionary” storyteller looking to use his lens to reflect the multi-cultural, colourful and eccentric ethos of Africa, is Fareed Khimani. Born of Kenyan and Tanzanian parents, Fareed is a television producer and co-founder of Nusu-Nusu Productions, with over 20 years’ experience in the media and entertainment industry.

“My mum is Kenyan and dad was Tanzanian. Although I grew up in the UK and the US, I only got into media when I came back to Kenya in 2000,” says Fareed, who got his break as a radio and TV presenter for the first season of the Kenyan adaptation of the popular international TV franchise, Big Brother Africa.

“From there I was cast as a presenter for M-Net’s Studio 53 and started to produce my own stories.”

Fareed was soon producing shows for channels across the MultiChoice bouquet offering, and after he reached out to friend, director and cameraman Mark Moss, they founded Nusu-Nusu Productions in 2008.

The pair have used their expertise to produce programs such as Mashariki Mix and East Africa Sportsline for major broadcasters, as well as cater to corporate clients including Safaricom and Coca-Cola.

“We have built a good name for ourselves, and having years of experience working with M-Net and SuperSport also helped,” the seasoned producer quips. Career highlights include on-screen time as a presenter, with credits such as Studio 53 and hosting the Face of Africa live finale in Nigeria in 2011. Getting to make pictures and noise for a living is “pretty cool”, he says.

Mark and Fareed are the creators and producers of Yes! Ndio Beeni!, an exciting new reality show on new Pan-African lifestyle and reality channel HONEY, in which would-be grooms receive expert assistance to pop the question.

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“The show is a beautiful story about love, but the elements of the unknown make it what it is,” Fareed says. “The journey with the potential groom is something special because we go along with him on this journey – all the magic, the special moments, the intimate descriptions of their love, but also the moment of truth. The build-up to the proposal is always a tense moment, and we feel it too on the production side.

“It is a show that exemplifies the human spirit, romance, love and maybe even a little bit of heartbreak! It is a show for everyone to experience, because we all feel these emotions,” he adds.

HONEY is a bold, unscripted lifestyle TV channel for interrogative and connected Africans. The channel is about celebrating and exploring African lives and loves, and the content is focused on lifestyle, fashion, food, weddings, dating, as well as reality. HONEY is available for Compact, Compact Plus and Premium. Online viewers from across the continent will also be able to enjoy shows on online DStv platforms including DStv Now.

Watch Yes! Ndio! Beeni! Wednesdays at 18:30 WAT, 19:30 CAT and 20:30 EAT on HONEY (DStv channel 173). 

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