Watch every Wednesday on HONEY (DStv channel 173)
Watch every Wednesday on HONEY (DStv channel 173)

Kenyans say yes to love and get that ring

From Nusu Nusu Productions in Kenya comes a show that promises to reveal where love truly resides.

Yes! Ndio! Beeni! (the title means “yes” in English, Kiswahili and Yoruba) is a hot new Kenyan show that follows presenters Patricia Kihoro and Foi Wambui as they assist romantic hopefuls with planning OTT proposals that are bound to have us all yelling “yes!” at our screens.

Each week the show takes us into the lives of a different couple as the would-be-groom prepares for the most important question of his life. Will it be a yes?

We speak to executive producer Fareed Khimani and supervising producer Katleho Khabele to find out more about the show and learn about love and finally getting that ring.

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What was the inspiration behind the show?

Celebrating love and romance is always going to be a popular reality TV format. With everything going on in the world, this offers a wonderful respite. It brings us back to a theme that we can all enjoy – people starting beautiful journeys in love and commitment!

What is the common thread between the guys who come on your show?

They are ready. They understand that asking someone to marry you is a life-changing decision. They have embraced the risk of getting either a yes or no in front of strangers and on TV! They’re all madly in love and want nothing more than to see their prospective bride happy and blown away!

In your experience, how long into the relationship do guys know they are going to marry their partner?

We have had guys proposing after two years, three years, and even one proposal after just seven months, so I would say, ‘When you know, you just know.’

Have you had any women proposing to their men on the show? And is this something you would recommend women do?

We have not had any women proposing yet. But bring it on, ladies! It’s a modern world, so if we do get a woman wanting to participate, then why not?

From your experience on the show, how do these women get the ring? What's the tea, sis?

There doesn’t seem to be a formula. These men are just madly in love and feel ready to make the big leap towards a lifelong commitment. One interesting dynamic with our couples is that even when they started dating, they definitely made that first stage clear. We even learned a new term in one of the episodes, – DTR – which means ‘define the relationship’. These women expected to have clarity about the status of the relationship from the start, and were not interested in a “situationship”. The lesson would be to start the whole thing by being firm and making it clear what you want from the beginning.

What are your thoughts on Beyoncé’s famous line, ‘If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it’?

Nobody can disagree with Queen B.

What has been the most romantic love story and proposal on the show?

They have all been unique, and incredible! The one that stands out so far is Naphtali and his sweetheart, Purity. She is a college student pursuing the culinary arts. We had her baking her own proposal cake without her knowing!

What advice would you give women dating men who claim to be scared of marriage or commitment?

Marriage isn’t for everyone. If both parties agree that this is what they want, then that’s fabulous. However, if it is something that only one partner wants, then they should communicate this early on. Everyone deserves not just a magical proposal, but an incredible wedding and married life as well.

One last question. Does size matter? Lol! I mean, does ring size matter?

We have had big stones and smaller jewels. What we have seen is that the most important thing to the ladies is that the man has made an effort. I don't even think our ladies are fully processing all the details such as the ring, haha. My advice is definitely to sneakily check the correct ring size to fit her finger, that’s the size that matters!

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