Kids Edutainment Channel Da Vinci launches on DStv

Da Vinci makes learning easy and accessible for the entire family. Catch it on DStv 318!

As part of DStv’s commitment to keeping kids entertained during the nationwide lockdown, the broadcaster has announced that edutainment channel Da Vinci now available on channel 318. The pop-up channel will form part of DStv’s School of Laughter until the end of May 2020.

Kids and parents can tune in for fun-filled and educational shows that the entire family can enjoy.

With schools across the country closed, Da Vinci is sure to give children and parents access to the best educational content, to make learning easy and accessible during these hard times. Our content is designed to bring the curriculum out of the classroom in a fun, visual way.

We all know how hard it is to get the balance between letting kids have fun watching TV and not letting them spend too long watching. Da Vinci focuses on shows that are genuinely educational, such as science, math, technology, history, nature, sports and culture.

Some of the shows kids and family can look forward to include:


Operation Ouch

It’s Operation Ouch time – time to meet doctors and identical twins Chris and Xand van Tulleken as they prod and poke their way through medicine and biology. See how the incredible and amazing body works – and what happens when it doesn’t! Watch the crazy, sometimes smelly experiments they carry out to show why what we eat matters and how everything is connected. Check out the bugs that live on you, learn some great tricks, and meet Larry, a robot with a very unusual job! From the bizarre to the incredible, it’s time to find out what you are really made of!


Science Max

Can you defy gravity with a hoop glider? Build a tower to withstand an earthquake? Harness the power of lightning? With Science Max you can! Join Phil as he shows how to do these cool experiments. Then watch him do the supersize version as he takes it to the max. Crazy! Tune in and get your science super-power!


Horrible Histories

Did you know that a war was once fought over a bucket? Or that a seasick chicken ruined a Roman battle? Horrible Histories presents history as it really happened – with all the horrible bits left in! Meet heroes, villains and ridiculous romantics. Learn why Henry VIII was not a good person to get dating tips from and why it was no fun being a Victorian kid. Rock with the Vikings and dodge rotten rulers. Tap your toes to some sensational songs throughout the ages, with hits from Florence Nightingale, Mary Queen of Scots and the War Lords. Laugh yourself silly with Horrible Histories.


Did you Know?

Did You Know that shivering produces heat? Did You Know that sport boosts your immune system? Did You Know that you can light up your house with plants? Did You Know that Da Vinci has an excellent show called Did You Know? It’s got great fun facts and presents the latest in research. Every episode explains our daily environment clearly and simply, covering health & well-being, the human body, animals, the earth, home, food, and technology. Get behind the scenes to discover the secrets of life all around us.


Matilda and The Ramsay Bunch

Matilda, youngest daughter of famous chef Gordon Ramsay, loves cooking. Each episode introduces her interacting with her family and cooking them a tasty meal. Her recipes look really delicious and will inspire you to try them at home!

As a global brand, present in over 100 countries and 40 million homes, Da Vinci Media prides itself on providing a safe and positive viewing environment, free from unsuitable content. This is evident in the numerous awards its shows have received, such as the International Emmy Kids Award, BAFTA Children’s presenter award, Canadian Screen Award and AFI Award to name a few.

Da Vinci Media founder Ferdinand Habsburg says: “During this difficult time, our goal will be to provide families with the educational tools necessary to stay educated, entertained and informed. We are proud to be aligning with DStv in the name of promoting and providing smart, thought-provoking and enriching content.”

Does your kid like to watch on your phone?

Download the DStv Now app (Apple or Android) or go to on your laptop. Your little ones can watch their favourite shows on DStv – just remember to connect to the Wi-Fi first so there are no surprise data costs.