Kids’ things to do & see in DStv’s School of Laughter, 2-8 July

My Pet And Me: Teeny Tiny Creatures, My World Kitchen, new episode of Big City Greens and Goldie’s Oldies, and lovable animation like Finding Nemo and Dory this week on DStv’s School of Laughter

There’s no better way to combine school and play than the entertaining, educational My Pet And Me: Teeny Tiny Creatures. Presenters Freddy Corrigan and Rory Crawford explore the worlds of small animals and tiny insects and teach children how to understand them better.

Little master chefs from around the world share some of their favourite dishes – which they made from scratch! – in My World Kitchen, and the big city life of the animated series Big City Greens gets some challenging storylines which the young country lad Cricket and his family must overcome.

New episodes of Goldie’s Oldies will also bring the laughter as Goldie takes on her old roommates in an epic hide and seek challenge. And lastly some kid friendly movies are also available – from long, lying noses in Pinocchio and swimming with the fish in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, to fighting the cold in Frozen or the melting ice in Ice Age: The Meltdown. Whatever your little ones prefer, DStv School of Laughter is the place to be.

Watch, laugh and learn with even more children’s shows and movies in DStv’s school of Laughter. And for more snack-sized info on DStv’s biggest shows, check out #OhSnack on the DStv YouTube Channel.

New series, seasons & episodes


My Pet And Me: Teeny Tiny Creatures S1

Are your kids fascinated by bugs? In this live-action series with animated sections, presenters Ferne Corrigan and Rory Crawford explore the worlds of small animals and tiny insects – ants, worms, crabs, ladybirds, bees and frogs – to help children better understand them and all the marvellous things they do to keep Earth’s ecosystems working, and above all, to respect them. Ferne and Rory will also do things to support wildlife friends, like building bumble bee houses and planting flowers.

Watch from Monday, 5 July on CBeebies (DStv channel 306) at 12:09

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My World Kitchen S4

Children from around the world share some of their favourite recipes that kids can make at home themselves, from Swedish kardemummabullar and Ukranian borscht to American pumpkin pie and Ugandan rolex. Starting the season, Lola from Spain makes a tuna empanada for her friends. When Vinnie from Bristol in the UK wants to throw a pirate-themed party for his pals, he makes an asparagus tart. And Zahra-Rose's Somalian family has shown her how to prepare nafaqo, which is a boiled egg wrapped in mashed potato.

Watch from Monday, 5 July on CBeebies (DStv channel 306) at 17:40

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Big City Greens S2

Cricket Green is a mischievous, but optimistic country boy who moved with his family to the big city and together they go on awesome adventures and learn some valuable lessons. In new episodes in S2, Chip Whistler tears down the buildings around the Greens’ house to build a new Wholesome Foods store. Can the Greens thwart Chip before he destroys their home? And later, much to her dismay, Gloria moves in with the Greens when she loses her job and her house.

Watch on Monday, 5 July on Disney Channel (DStv channel 303) at 19:05

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Goldie’s Oldies S1

The life of teenager Goldie (Imogen Faires) is turned upside down when she and her family move from the United States to the United Kingdom to live with their Grandpa Maury (Gareth Hale) and his 70-something housemates. In new episodes as games champion of the house, Esther (Eileen O’Brien) challenges the housemates to a massive game of hide and seek and this time, Goldie is determined to win, no matter what. After all, how hard can it be to beat the Oldies?

Watch on Monday 5 July on Nickelodeon (DStv channel 305) at 18:30

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Also don’t miss:

  • Harry and His Bucketful of Dinosaurs (mini marathon) on Saturday, 3 July and Sunday, 4 July on Jim Jam (DStv channel 310) at 09:00
  • Happiness Lab Summer Stunt from Monday, 5 July on Nickelodeon (DStv channel 305) at 09:30 
  • Techno Charge from Monday, 5 July on NickToons (DStv channel 308) at 14:25

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