Love, loss and the afterlife – we have it all with these reality shows

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Celebrity Ghost Stories Season 1

Famous people are just like us – they encounter tales of the mystical too! Watch this fun reimagined series as celebrities share their eerie experiences with spooky stories. Taye Diggs, Coco and Ice-T, and Kelly Osborne are just some of the stars who come forward with their paranormal activities.

Saturday 8 August on Lifetime (DStv 131) at 21:00

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50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but for these jilted lovers, revenge is white hot rage. Watch as enraged exes get back at their cheating, lying, stealing former partners in creative and dramatic ways.

Saturday 8 August on CBS Reality (DStv 132) at 20:20

True Terror with Robert Englund Season 1

Don’t watch this one alone, kids! For those of us who remember Nightmare on Elm Street, Robert Englund might seem vaguely familiar. That’s because he is better known as Freddy Kruger. He uncovers terrifying tales in the dark corners of American history, based on newspaper accounts and historical records. Spine-chillingly good!

Monday 10 August on Travel Channel (DStv 179) at 20:15

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House of Drag

A drag competition with nine fabulous contestants living together and competing for a $10 000 grand prize. The challenges are extraordinary but every girl wants to show what she is made of. Get ready for an entertaining season with host Nina Fierce.

Monday 10 August on Showmax

Flirty Dancing Season 2

What does body language tell us about people? In this new dating show, two singles come together to learn a choreographed dance number in silence. Based on their chemistry during their final performance, both people must decide if they want to pursue a relationship. It’s old-school romance and feel good dating drama that is good for the soul.

Sunday 9 August on BBC Lifestyle (DStv 174) at 20:00

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