More experiments, more exploration on Da Vinci this March

Edutaining programming awaits kids and parents alike on Da Vinci (DStv channel 318) this March.

Da Vinci (DStv channel 318) has been keeping parents and children entertained and educated since launching in 2020. This March, all new programming is heading way, along with new episodes of your favourite shows.

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Here are a few highlights to look forward to on Da Vinci (DStv channel 318) this month:

Brand new for kids:


Siyaya: Wildest Cape

Wednesdays & Thursdays at 13:30 from 17 March 

The latest extravaganza in the franchise of an eccentric scientist rambling around the globe in search of adventure with teams of young explorers. They explore remote parts of the Western Cape in South Africa, visiting the cradle of humankind.

Brand new for parents:


Searching for the Superhuman

Sundays at 22:00 from 7 March

Searching for Superhuman is a six-part science documentary series featuring discoveries over the past few decades, which have revolutionised our understanding of what it means to be human - and how to live longer, better, smarter and stronger.

Special highlight

Women’s Day Special

Monday, March 8th from 06:00 to 20:15

06:00 Art with Mati and Dada (10 episodes)

Seven-year-old Mati, a cheerful girl with a passion for art, is magically transported into the lives of great artists by her eccentric sidekick, Dada. Together they go on exciting adventures, solving mystery after mystery. Welcome to Art with Mati and Dada!

07:15 Mily Miss Questions (10 episodes)

Growing up with her little sister Lola and her big brother Luc, nine-year-old Mily is trying to make sense of the world. Why does she feel so jealous of her sister? What does it mean to be happy? In this show we watch Mily explore the answers to her life questions.

08:30 When I Grow Up (8 episodes)

Mikaela is not sure what she wants to be when she grows up. Exploring her love of science, she tries out lots of unique jobs, including a chocolate maker, a sports statistician, a cosmetic scientist and a space technician.

10:30 Make Me a Super (4 episodes)

With the help of Eureka Girl, Doc K and her sidekick Nash try to gain superpowers with the help of fun science experiments. They visit talented scientists and engineers to discover the secrets of flight, the powers of regeneration and many more super skills.

12:30 Do You Know? (10 episodes)

Do You Know? presenter Maddie Moate uses special cameras and animation as she explores the everyday world around us, finding out how things work, and how they are made.

15:00 Did I Mention Invention? (6 episodes)

In each episode, host Alie Ward presents fascinating new inventions, from a robot football player to technology to keep babies safe. She meets with their inventors, learns about their journey from idea to production and presents fun facts on the history of innovation.

18:00 Matilda and The Ramsay Bunch (8 episodes)

Matilda inherited her love of cooking from her dad, the famous chef Gordon Ramsay. In every episode she has fun with her family and then cooks them a tasty meal, with easy to follow recipes.

New episodes

Odd Squad

Saturdays & Sundays 13:30

This Kidscreen Awards and Daytime Emmy-winning series follows a team of kid agents as they use indirect reasoning and basic math to investigate and solve strange happenings in their town.

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How To do Stuff Good

Fridays 15:55

Hosted by a zany bunch of school-aged kids, each with their own story to tell and lesson to share, this hilarious series demonstrates how to do all manner of amazing things, from arts & crafts to cooking and pranks.

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Do You Know?

Saturdays & Sundays 14:30

Do You Know? presenter Maddie Moate uses special cameras and animation as she explores the everyday world around us, finding out how things work, and how they are made.

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