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You may remember Xitsundzuxo Himina from his review of Hobbs and Shaw earlier this year. Now, he’s back – and he’s going by Mr. X.

“People were saying my name wrong,” he says in his latest review for DStv’s YouTube channel. Check out the video below to hear him hilariously describe the mispronunciations he came across before deciding on his new pseudonym.

From one fan to another

DStv is known for bringing the best of the world to Africa, and taking the best African content to the world. Our customers enjoy the variety we offer – from world sport to local and international telenovelas, British content to the best of Indian – customers know they can trust DStv to give them exactly what they’re looking for.

But with all of this great content, how do you know where to start? Mr. X. is here to help you find that answer!

Set a reminder

Here, Mr. X. dives into the dark, underground world of We Hunt Together on BBC First and Catch Up. This is a high-stakes cat and mouse series, that pits a pair of killers against a pair of cops but leaves you wondering who you are rooting for. Watch the review now and let Mr. X show you more.

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