My house, my rules, jokes Anele in Celebrity Game Night

It’s exactly what the country ordered and Anele will be serving just that on the game show you won’t want to miss.

Jane Lynch hosts the US version (she has even won Emmys for it) – did you emulate her style, or will you make the role entirely your own?

I do not think anyone can emulate Jane, in fact, Jane would come 3rd in a Jane Lynch lookalike competition so it is best to stick to Anele. People know me, they will see right through the charade.

How did the interaction between you, Jason and Ayanda work?

Like a charm, the funnies we share, our own personal jokes, the natural chemistry is insane, and Jason I knew was funny, Ayanda blew me away!

What do you love most about this production?

Literally taking things to the next level, South Africa is at a point where it wants the best content delivered by their own, Celebrity Game Night is exactly what the country ordered.

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Is there a particularly funny moment viewers shouldn’t miss?

DJ Fresh getting on the floor to get a message across; Donald trying to describe theme parks; Minnie showing us why we do not play 30 Seconds at her house anymore but one of my favourites has to be Lorna Maseko trying to describe RuPaul’s Drag Race to Jason and Majozi just lost in it all... NOW SISSY THAT WALK!

Was there anything really challenging?

Balancing how much I help each team because I do lend a hand here and there, but it has to be balanced, always in good spirit and warm.

There must have been a lot of celebrity egos in the room – how did you handle that?

There actually weren't. We knew the celebrities were amazing hence we invited them to my house for this and know that if one shines, we all shine, you are going to be pleasantly surprised. It is really just all the FUN.

Which celebrity, in your opinion, is the one who made you laugh the most? And who played the game the best?

Donald and Lorna made me laugh the most, Minnie, Mojak Lehoko, Tracey Lange and Mpho Popps played the game the best.

Was there anything that went outrageously wrong?

We play a game called Popped Quiz where there is a lot of popcorn being blown at a rapid speed in the direction of someone who got a question wrong; someone got popcorn up their noise... it was a thing.

Why do you think South African viewers are going to love the show?

It will remind them of who they are. We all love to play games, even in old age we are there playing Bingo.

Do you ever have game nights yourself? What’s your favourite game to play, and are
you good at it?

I am superb at 30 Seconds and I have game nights all the time. I have three kids and we are all big gamers. I suck at Monopoly though, two Decembers ago I won and bankrupted everyone... BRUH, it was THE story all holiday.

Do you have a favourite party trick? What is it?

I cook... very well.

Who would win in a staring match between you, Ayanda and Jason?

I do not know who would win but Ayanda would lose.

What is the one thing you can do better than anyone else?


Have you ever been starstruck?

Not really.

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and you were Jason Goliath?

Go to work with David O’Sullivan.

Do you have a secret local celebrity crush?

Busiswa, she is a vaaarb.

What’s your favourite joke?

Donald Trump.

What do you think of garden gnomes?

I think of them as often as they think of me.

If you, Jason and Ayanda were shipwrecked on a desert island, who would you eat

The debris from the ship.

If Jason was a drag queen what would his name be?

Negotiable Affection.

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