New and returning series on DStv in June

Quality series – brand-new shows as well as new seasons of existing stories – are making their debut on M-Net in June.

Will & Grace S11

This is the final season of the comedy series and the third season of the revival with Will (Eric McCormack), Grace (Debra Messing), Karen (Megan Mullally) and Jack (Sean Hayes) all back for the final 18 episodes. Grace discovers that she is pregnant – the result of a one-night stand while on vacation in Italy – but who’s the baby daddy? She decides to raise the child with Will, who is also having a child through surrogate. If you’ve ever watched or love this series, you won’t want to miss the stunning conclusion of the characters’ journeys – you won’t believe how it all concludes and what happens to everyone in the end.
Saturday 27 June on M-Net (101)

Nurses S1

Everything can change in a heartbeat. This new Canadian drama series set in a busy Toronto hospital follows the lives of a group of young nurses on the medical frontlines as they struggle to not just help their patients but also each other. Can Grace (Tiera Skovbye) keep secrets from her past under wraps and what are Nazneen (Sandy Sidhu) and Wolf (Donald Maclean Jr.) hiding? Will the former college football star Keon (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) be able to handle the drastic career-change and is the adrenaline-junkie Ashley (Natasha Calis) too much for the hospital corridors?

Tuesday 2 June on Universal TV (117) at 20:00

Tommy S1

First to M-Net City comes this brand-new American police procedural crime drama with Edie Falco as Abigail “Tommy” Thomas, a former NYPD captain who now becomes the first female police chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. Watch as Tommy battles the patriarchy, bureaucracy, prejudice, a bomb threat, human traffickers, disappearances and murder and even an LA wildfire.

Thursday 18 June on M-Net City (115) at 20:50


New Amsterdam S2

Re-join the doctors, medical caregivers, staff and administrators at New Amsterdam Medical Centre, the oldest public hospital in the United States suffering from crippling bureaucracy and a loss of vision about what patient care should really mean. The second season picks up three months after the end of the shocking first season finale which ended with a car accident. Through flashbacks, the whole aftermath of the incident becomes clear as Dr Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) rededicates himself to fix the hospital as medical director. This season the hospital will deal with further fascinating inner-city cases in every episode while Max has to cut the budget and the doctors try their utmost to save lives within a public health system that works against them at every turn.

Monday 1 June on M-Net (101) at 19:00


The Block Australia S12

On weekdays in June you’ll get a daily fixer-upper fix with the 12th season of this home renovation reality series in which make it or break it Aussies Down Under compete to redo an entire “apartment block” – an old heritage-listed soap factory. This time five couples – including the first-ever female same sex couple in the show – rise to the challenge to redo rooms in a rundown Melbourne building, winning points and prizes as they go along and all hoping to be the big winners in the end selling their flipped new space for the highest price. Presenters Scott Cam and Shelley Craft as the challenge master are both back and Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darrem Palmer all return as the three judges.

Wednesday 3 June on M-Net (101) at 18:00

The Masked Singer S2

With Nick Cannon as the presenter, what has been called “the craziest show on television” is back for a second season. Sixteen American celebrities are hiding under the outrageous and extravagant outfits who all get a turn to sing as the panellists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger try to guess who they might be? Who are hiding under the elaborate showpiece-costumes like Flamingo, Ice-Cream, Ladybug, Penguin, Thingamajig, Skeleton, Butterfly and all the others? This season the well-known masked competitors together have appeared in 140 films, got 69 Emmy nominations, 42 Grammy nominations, 31 Billboard number one singles, appeared in 22 Broadway shows, have 20 platinum records, 19 Emmy wins, 15 marriages, eight divorces, and seven Superbowl appearances.

Thursday 4 June on M-Net (101) at 19:00

Homeland S8

This drama series, about the harrowing impact that working to secure America from foreign forces and terrorists has on the private and professional lives of intelligence officers, is building to an explosive close in the final 12 episodes. How will the story end for Carrie Mathinson (Claire Danes), the former CIA case officer, Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) who was her former boss and mentor and now the National Security Advisor, and Max (Maury Sterling) who is Carrie’s trusted associate? In this last season Saul has to help the new president to negotiate peace with the Taliban in Afghanistan while Carrie is still struggling to recover from her brutal treatment as a prisoner in Russia. Yet Saul wants her to go to Afghanistan. Can she cope? And if she goes, what might she uncover?

Thursday 11 June on M-Net (101) at 21:00

Dollface S1

Already renewed for a second season, this brand-new half-hour dramedy revolves around the web designer Jules Wiley (Kat Dennings) who rediscovers the importance of her female friendships after her long-time boyfriend dumps her. She starts to reinvest her time and energy in strengthening and rebuilding the friendships she had left behind. Kat’s friends include Madison, a PR expert; Stella, her other best friend from her college years; and Izzy, one of her co-workers at the Woöm wellness company they work for.

Friday 19 June on M-Net (101) at 22:00


Curb Your Enthusiasm S10

Don’t laugh at Larry – oh wait, please do! Larry (Larry David playing a fictionalised version of himself) is back for the latest 10-episode 10th season of his satirical HBO series. In this season Larry is accused of sexual harassment by his assistant Alice after which he ends up making things worse and worse as he tries to take control of the situation, including an elevator mishap. Meanwhile Larry tries to open his own coffee shop. This season Larry dates a new woman and Ted Danson and Jon Hamm are just two of the celebs who drop by. You’ll laugh til you cry about an ongoing story as Larry increasingly gets upset when emergency people misuse their alarms to get coffee first. And yes, it will culminate with someone accidentally starting a fire after knocking over a self-heating mug – you simply have to see what happens next …

Friday 19 June on M-Net (101) at 22:30

The Connors S2

Working class families are going through a lot right now – you’ll feel a lot less alone and will feel comfort and relate as you watch The Connors, back for the second half of the second season. The extended family is banding together after the death of Roseanne. While life had never been easy, the Connors are struggling even more than ever in a way they never have before to put food on the table as they’re forced to get by on a modest household income. Dan falls behind on the mortgage and look out for a cameo appearance by Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.

Saturday 20 June on M-Net (101) at 17:00

Years and Years S1

This terrific and unsettling 6-episode HBO drama series with Emma Thompson will have you staring in utter disbelief and follows an ordinary, extended British family with the story that starts in May 2019. From this time on there are time jumps as the story proceeds to show – and serve as a warning – of the possible future that awaits us all if we’re not careful with the way that politics, technology and society are all changing, intersecting with our lives and transforming not just our bodies but our very way of life. What happens when a Donald Trump-like figure rise to political power in Britain? How does an economic crisis, people made second class citizens and consumer technology that is advancing quicker than what we can adapt, influence and alter our lives?

Monday 22 June on M-Net (101) at 22:00


Billions S5

What does more moola get you? More money problems, of course. Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis) is back, and back in charge, at his venture capital firm Axe Capital but nothing is the same in the new 5th season about the ruthless money-makers and morally compromised justice warriors in New York. While Bobby and Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) are now “friends” – the enemy of your enemy is your friend, right? – life has changed for both. Bobby is trying to take down new rivals while his protégé Taylor Mason (Asia Kate Dillon) is … reluctantly … back working for him. Meanwhile Chuck navigates legal bureaucracy while he and his wife and soon-to-be ex-wife Wendy (who works for Bobby) will have to adjust to a “new normal”. Look out for new plotting, evil schemes and delicious, dastardly ways the crooks make their money and how Bobby gets upset since there are still things even he can’t buy – like when a rival instead of him lands the cover of Vanity Fair.

Tuesday 23 June on M-Net (101) at 22:00

DC Legends of Tomorrow S5

The latest fifth season remains a M-Net City first series you can only see on this channel. More timequakes see the heroes travel to more time periods to set history and the timelines right. In 1947 they have a run-in with mobster Bugsy Siegel and there’s an adventure in 1973 in France involving Marie Antoinette’s dangerous perfume. In 1990 Genghis Khan attempts a comeback in Hong Kong of all places and must be stopped, while in 16th century England the Legends accidentally causes William Shakespeare to rewrite Romeo and Juliet. In an absolutely must-see episode, after they also visit the set of Supernatural earlier this season, the various members will end up trapped in different TV series from which they struggle to escape!

Saturday 20 June on M-Net City (115) at 21:40

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