New season coming up? Remember to update your Series Recording

With the launch of brand-new seasons and time slots on kykNET this July, it’s a good time to update your Series Recordings.

The new season of weekday soapie Getroud met Rugby has moved to 18:00, current affairs show KN Verslag in Gesprek has shifted to the 21:00 slot on Wednesdays, and Monday’s instalment of Prontuit is now airing at 21:00. Fans of these shows need to update their Series Recordings to capture the new episodes.

For any series you want to record, make sure you add new seasons to your Series Recordings. If you forget to add the latest season, unfortunately you’ll miss the latest episodes.

New to Series Recording? Here’s a quick guide:

1. Get started

Press i or TV Guide on the remote. Highlight the programme you want to record, press OK. If Series Recording is available, it will appear as the very first option.

2. Choose recording options

Record Season: Capture every episode of a season - even if the start-time changes or it moves to another day.

Record Episode: Record only that specific episode.

Record Manually: Set the exact start and end time of a recording yourself.

Set Reminder: Set a reminder for when a show is about to start.

Other Airings: View all the other times and dates that the programme is scheduled for.

3. All your Series Recordings in one place

Press Playlist, then Alt to see a full list of everything you’ve recorded.

Your Playlist will group your recorded episodes by season. So, if you have two different seasons of The Big Bang Theory, there’ll be two folders for The Big Bang Theory, each containing the season-specific episodes.

4. How to cancel a Series Recording

Highlight the programme and press OK, then click on Cancel Episode or Cancel Season to cancel all future recordings.

Alternatively, press the blue DStv button on your remote, scroll to Planner, choose Season Manager, highlight the series you want to cancel, and press OK. Then select Cancel Season

5. You decide what’s important

When you set Series Recordings, your Explora will find the best times to capture those episodes. If you’re recording two series that air at the same time, the Explora will reschedule the recording of whichever one it can find a repeat of at another time. In cases where your recordings clash and the Explora can’t find a repeat, you can set priorities. You decide which show is more important, and your Explora will give preference to recording that show’s episodes first.