Nia Sioux is taking Forrester Creations by a quiet storm

Nia Sioux, Bold & Beautiful’s Emma on Eva (DStv 141), shares more than her character’s love for fashion – she’s a designer in real life, too

Forrester Creations has had a confident young fashion intern working in their sewing rooms since mid-June on The Bold & The Beautiful, weekdays on Eva (DStv 141) at 17:30. There is more to young Emma than meets the eye, says Nia Sioux (aka Nia Frazier from reality show Dance Moms) – but not for the right reason. As usual on Bold, it’s Take Your Family Feud To Work Day!

“Justin Barber (Aaron D Spears) is her uncle. She isn’t really liked at Forrester to start with, because she’s this young intern fumbling her way around. Wait until they find out that she’s related to Justin, who works for the Forrester family’s rival Bill Spencer Jr (Don Diamont). People don’t believe in her and they’re sceptical of what she’s doing there already. They think that she should stay out of this company because she’s playing fashion, they’re living the industry,” says Nia.


Getting back up every time she’s knocked down is something that Emma and Nia have in common. “She’s confident. She doesn’t stop working for her dreams,” says the 19-year-old, who was only 16 when she joined the show (the episodes that we’re seeing in South Africa in July 2020 aired in the US in May 2018). “Emma is very sweet and she really cares for others and she loves to learn. I feel those are traits that both of us have. We’re both open to learning new things, like when Hope (Annika Noelle) takes Emma under her wing – she’s always ready to learn.”

It’s not just Nia’s acting that is on display on Bold screens, as the multi-talented star puts her other tools to good use.

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Dancing queen

Nia has been dancing from the age of 3, and she got her first taste of TV work on reality show Dance Moms in 2011. “I’ve been dancing my whole life. I’m 19 now, so pretty much my whole life. I joined Dance Moms when I was 9 years old, and did it until I was 16. Even though my time on the show was extremely stressful and probably not the best environment to be in, I took a lot from the show and learnt a ton,” she says, hinting at tensions between the parents and the dance instructors.

At the end of July, there’s an episode in which Emma shows Hope a dance move and accidentally knocks fellow Forrester intern Xander (Adain Bradley) out cold. Thankfully Nia is a little more precise with her movements, although she was almost forced to give up dancing in 2010 after being diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RND). “I was 9 and the simplest way to describe RND is that it’s a pain management disorder. It feels like something is hurting in your body and the pain is very real but there’s nothing technically wrong.”

While Nia has the condition under control, she warns that stress is always a worry for her. “I haven’t had a flare-up since 2011, when I basically couldn’t walk for the entire summer and had to relearn walking and running and dancing. But if there’s a lot of stress, it could trigger RND. Sometimes my legs tingle, if it’s been a stressful week or if I’ve been standing all day.”


Real world, real life

While Emma is just getting into fashion, Nia has been there, done that and literally has the T-shirt. In 2018 she had a range of graphic tees with fashion website Popular-Poison. “That clothing line was a lot of fun while it lasted and who knows in the future,” she says, adding, “I like the tees because you can dress up a T-shirt but it can also be super casual, and you can just wear it all the time no matter what you’re doing.”

That’s not where her love of fashion ends either. “I did a show called Ready, Set, Style a few years ago with a couple of other girls and it was fun. We got to dress people up. It was really fun. It was an online show, it’s still actually up on YouTube,” says Nia, who recently relaunched her website with a new product. “It’s called Hair Candy, and it’s colourful hair extensions for girls, and guys if they want, that won’t damage your hair and you can colour it and it’s a lot of fun.”


Homeward bound

Nia has swapped LA for Pittsburgh for the duration of the lockdown due to COVID-19. Nia is Pittsburgh born-and-bred and she still stays at home with her parents when she’s on the East Coast of the US. She’s a home-body and says that while she’s still not that great at cooking, baking is what she’s best at. “It’s really warm now (at the end of June) but like, three weeks ago it was snowing, which is scary. I’d be baking cookies and cakes and cupcakes which is a lot of fun. And I love binge-ing TV with the fam and hot-tubbing. We hot-tub together a lot,” says Nia with a laugh.

“It’s been great being home with my family (education expert and TV personality mom Holly Hatcher-Frazier and businessman dad Evan Frazier, and her older brothers, Evan Jr and William). We have all been trying to stay positive during quarantine. Pittsburgh is green zone so a lot of places are reopening and you can go out. Obviously, I’m staying safe and at home a lot. I’ve been spending time reading, watching TV shows and movies, doing stuff with fans online, so just taking it day by day.”

Bold has recently returned to filming following lockdown in Los Angeles, but Nia has not -- her character has already left the storyline in the US. Nia looks back on her time on the show with fond memories, hoping that her SA fans will enjoy the storyline for a bit longer yet. “I was 16 when I joined The Bold & The Beautiful and it was crazy to think about then and crazy to think about now. That was my first scripted show that I’ve ever been on and to be honest, it was one of the best experiences of my life getting to work on a show like that. Just being on set was amazing,” she says.

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