Nollywood Queens: Meet Nuella Njubigo

Nollywood’s ‘Golden Girl’ Nuella Njubigo joins hit show Nollywood Queens. Watch it Fridays at 20:00 WAT, 21:00 CAT and 22:00 EAT on HONEY (DStv channel 173).

Actress, writer and producer Emmanuella Adaobi Njubigbo (37), publicly known as Nuella Njubigbo, is set to join HONEY TV’s brand-new reality show, Nollywood Queens. Njubigbo has been in the Nollywood industry for well over a decade, with a key nomination in the Rising Star category at the 2012 Nollywood Movies Awards. After receiving lots of media attention around her personal life, fans can expect to see a new side of their favourite TV star in a more relaxed reality TV setting. The actress has also branched out into business through her fashion line Nuellafrik, and a skincare line named Nuella Naturals.

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1. If you were about to audition in front of your favourite director, how would you describe yourself?

I’m an actor, a scriptwriter and a producer. I’m also an entrepreneur in fashion and skincare. I would describe myself as an easy-going person. I value loyalty, but sometimes people tend to take you for granted. 

2. What are you best known for?

I’m mostly known for being an actress. Some people know me as the girl who talks to much, but the definitely beautiful actress who cries a lot in movies. The narrative is I’m the ‘good, sweet girl’.

3. What’s your favourite social media outlet?

Instagram and WhatsApp.

4. What do you think viewers will like about your unique Nollywood brand, and what is that special “je ne sais quois” you’ll be bringing to the show? 

I think people would like to see who I really am and what I’m about. As much as I post a lot on social media, you can’t really tell what I’m about because I still have a private life. I don’t talk about my private issues out there. People definitely want to know what the deal is in my personal life, especially around my relationship. They can definitely expect the realness from a girl who’s just living her life every day. People can relate to me quite well because of the things I’ve been through.

5. Which brand or person do you think the world is sleeping on in Nollywood or Nigeria’s entertainment scene, and how do you see them eventually getting big?

I don’t really have anyone in mind at the moment.


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