Saturdays and Sundays on Lifetime (DStv 131) at 19:20 and on weekdays at 14:35
Saturdays and Sundays on Lifetime (DStv 131) at 19:20 and on weekdays at 14:35

November nights are wild on Lifetime (DStv 131) with Ayanda MVP #WildLove

Ayanda MVP is your viewing buddy for Lifetime’s (DStv 131) soaring, swooping tales of #WildLove this November

According to delightful DJ and former host of Vuzu’s (DStv 116) countdown show 10 Over 10 Ayanda MVP, a Lifetime Movie is a movie that’s “sweet, it makes you feel good. I love romcoms, especially from Lifetime movies. It’s a very beautiful storyline. It carries you. It makes me smile.”

Lifetime’s movies are famous for the ways that they target not just our most heartfelt romantic dreams, but women’s darkest fears. “What I get from a movie that speaks directly to women’s fears and vulnerabilities is opportunity to find strength, opportunity to find solutions” says Ayanda. “That’s what movies are supposed to bring us, as women especially, Give us solutions to situations.”

Ayanda has had a sneak peek at November’s movie of the month Looking For Mr Wonderful (you can enjoy the experience in full with her on Saturday, 21 November), and uses it as a prime example. “There is a situation where she (the movie’s heroine) is being attacked (Ayanda mimes a stabbing motion). And she usually runs in the morning. So her now exercising actually helps her escape from that situation. That girl can run! And she ran for her life – because it depended on it,” she reveals, impressed.

With her passion for life (and Lifetime), Ayanda is the perfect viewing buddy for November’s #WildLove movies, which are all about being swept up by that one overwhelming feeling. As part of Lifetime’s 3-month movie campaign, fans can see brand-new movies every Saturday and Sunday from 19:20. And on Saturday, 21 November, fans can tune in for a special movie marathon starting at 11:45, in the run-up to Looking for Mr. Wonderful, at 19:20.

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Love & marriage

Lifetime’s first #WildLove movie is Perfect Wedding on Sunday 1 November at 19:20 (starring Danica McKellar, The Wonder Years’ Winnie Cooper). And there are plenty more wedding-themed films to come. Like Ayanda, you might wind up planning your dream wedding while you watch. For Ayanda, it’s now all about the big arrival and first impressions. “Planning a dramatic Lifetime wedding, definitely a helicopter. Something’s going to happen along those lines. Obviously, the dress is not going to be (Ayanda makes that universal gesture for poofy meringue dress) because the chopper is going to take the train away. But definitely a helicopter has to be involved, and a horse and carriage has to be involved. It’s so Lifetime!” she says.

Happily ever after

Lifetime’s brides often face many trials before they walk the aisle… but perhaps that’s the best preparation for marriage. “I call it a partnership,” Ayanda says of marriage. “I think the biggest thing right now is that we need to see marriage as a partnership. Things are changing. Now you have both parents working. Kids need to be taken care of by both their parents. Even if it’s a single parent situation (or starts off as one)… when it comes to a partnership like that, you need to make sure that it’s a 50-50. If I am now going to be going out with my partner, if we split the bill, it’s either 50-50, or maybe it’s his turn, maybe it’s my turn. There needs to be a lot of equality. Back then (in the past) we lacked a lot of that.”

And not all loves are ready or even suitable to build lifelong vows around. As Lifetime’s brides will discover this month, you have to watch for those red flags. “A red flag when I am in a situation where I love someone, but I know they don’t deserve me, is definitely in the small things. You know, when you really do care about someone you want to make sure that they are fine. At the end of the day, it’s a partnership. If I am not okay, you shouldn’t be okay. You want to make sure that I’m okay so you can be okay. That’s what a relationship is, it’s a give and take. But if I keep giving and all you can do is take, what the F is that?” Ayanda exclaims.

Total drama!

We all love a little romance, but you know what really takes it up a notch? Drama. Love is all the sweeter when it’s fought for. With titles like When Sparks Fly (Sunday, 1 November at 20:50, starring the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle), The Wrong Wedding Planner (Saturday, 7 November at 19:20) and Wedding Stalker (Saturday, 7 November at 20:50), the brides aren’t just tossing bouquets, they’re hurling emotional grenades.

Ayanda knows what that’s like in real life, and she prefers her drama to stay onscreen, thanks. “I think it was a bit traumatising. I was quite young, and when you’re dating at a young age your emotions are all over the place. Also, revenge is much harsher. I ended up hurting so many people around me. I didn’t do it on purpose, I was hurt, so I wanted everyone to also feel hurt. That’s what love does sometimes. Well, let’s call it lust, because you don’t know if it was really love. That’s what lust does sometimes,” she admits.

It’s all about love

The most profound thing that Ayanda has learnt about true love is, “In loving someone, you also need to make sure that you allow them to be themselves. That’s the best thing you can do for your partner,” she says. “You notice on first dates you are all prim and proper? You eat with a fork and knife and you’re all giggles. The next thing you know, your partner, or that person, needs to get used to you and they must allow you to be free, so you can allow yourself to burp and not feel funny about it, or to even fart and not feel weird about it. If you are feeling anxiety that means you are trying to please someone, and you should just move it along, because it’s not going to serve you. Waking up in the morning, making sure your face looks right, washing your face and brushing your teeth like you don’t have bad breath when you wake up? That’s nxa!” insists Ayanda.

Coming soon to a sofa near you…

  • Perfect Wedding on Sunday, 1 November at 19:20. A wedding planner and an event planner clash while working on the perfect wedding.
  • When Sparks Fly on Sunday, 1 November at 20:50. A maid of honour finds out that the bride, her hometown bestie, is marrying her ex-boyfriend.
  • The Wrong Wedding Planner on Saturday, 7 November at 19:20. A vengeful wedding planner stalks and sabotages the engaged couple who’ve hired her. Stars include Vivica A. Fox and Jackée Harry.
  • The Wedding Stalker on Saturday, 7 November at 20:50. A wedding dressmaker who’s longing to escape her abusive aunt will stop at nothing to get the man of her dreams – including murdering his bride, whose dress she’s making.
  • Wedding At Graceland on Sunday, 8 November at 19:20. A couple have just 3 weeks to plan their wedding when a surprise slot opens up at Graceland, but everyone in the family is pulling in different directions.
  • October Kiss on Sunday, 8 November at 20:50. A charming nanny who’s hired around Halloween shows her workaholic boss and his kids the joys of love and slowing down to enjoy life.
  • Suburban Swinger’s Club on Saturday 14 November at 19:20. A homicidal neighbour targets a young couple who’ve made the mistake of joining their neighbourhood’s secret sex circle.
  • Accidentally Engaged on Saturday, 14 October at 20:50. A fake romance slowly becomes real after film star Chas Hunter hires Clarissa to pretend to be his fiancée.
  • A Summer Romance on Sunday, 15 November at 19:20. Cowgirl Sam Walker makes a city slicker developer fall in love with her and live at her Montana ranch.
  • Made For You With Love on Sunday, 15 November at 20:50. A woman who makes poor brides’ dreams come true with her second-hand dress business meets Mr. Right herself, but she’s afraid to give her own heart a second chance.
  • The Dating List on Saturday, 21 November at 11:45. A woman who’s supposed to help her busy boss find love falls for the man that she’s chosen to be her boss’s Mr. Right.
  • Harvest Moon on Saturday, 21 November at 13:15. A spoilt rich girl falls for the farm manager who’s running her newly bought pumpkin farm.
  • All Yours on Saturday, 21 November at 14:40. An attorney single mom falls for her new manny, a trust fund baby whose dad forced him to take the job as a bet.
  • Harry & Meghan: Royal Romance on Saturday, 21 November at 16:10. A British prince and a famous actress try to keep their romance a secret but soon find themselves in the media spotlight.
  • Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal on Saturday, 21 November at 17:50. Newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle try to strike a balance between their shared beliefs and royal traditions during their first year of marriage.
  • Looking For Mr. Wonderful on Saturday, 21 November at 19:20. An extreme sports enthusiast is taken aback when the fake boyfriend she created to stop her family from nagging her suddenly shows up on her doorstep.
  • Bridal Bootcamp on Saturday, 21 November at 20:50. A bride who’s reluctantly joined a camp to prepare for her wedding meets a man who seems to be a much better match for her than her fiancé.
  • Love At Look Lodge on Sunday, 22 November at 19:20. A wannabe hotel events co-ordinator falls for a workaholic while helping him plan his sister’s wedding at her hotel.
  • Ms. Matched on Sunday, 22 November at 20:50. A wedding planner falls for a financial advisor at a wedding expo who is urging brides not to splash out on a big wedding.
  • I Do Or I Die on Saturday, 28 November at 19:20. A Romani girl’s boyfriend tries to save her from an arranged marriage after her parents and her father-in-law-to-be kidnap her and hold her hostage to force her hand.
  • To Have and To Hold on Saturday, 28 November at 20:50. A neglected trophy wife with a cheating husband falls for her best friend’s boyfriend.
  • Stop The Wedding on Sunday 29 November at 19:20. A man and woman, who’ve teamed up to stop her aunt and his father from getting married, start falling for one another.
  • Eat, Drink and Be Married on Sunday, 29 November at 20:50. A couple who have cold feet try to donate everything they’ve organised for their wedding to a good cause, but the groom’s brother intervenes, convinced that they’re still a match made in heaven.

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