OMG! Did she really say that?

Halfway through the second season, and we’re already having some ‘OMG’ moments from The Real Housewives of Johannesburg.

These ladies have no filter and we’re loving it

We knew she would easily be the fan favourite because of her spicy attitude and sheer determination to break the cycle of poverty from whence she came. Lethabo aka LeJoy knows how to bring the joy to any situation, and she might be the newbie, but it didn’t stop her when she called Christall to order during the Cape Town trip. But if there’s one thing these ladies do better than fighting, it’s making up, and make up is exactly what LeJoy did with Christall when she cooked seven colours. For those who don’t know seven colours: it’s a typical Sunday dish that every black South African has – 7 colours referring to the variety of the dishes prepared, i.e.: beetroot, spinach, butternut, potatoes, salad, meat… lots and lots of meat. Nothing says we’re friends better than breaking bread together.

She might be known as Mrs Mops, but she’s more than just a wife. Mpumi “Mrs Mops” Mophatlane describes herself as the queen of shade, and shade is what she delivers. Lest you think of shade as that cool shadow under a tree, brace yourself because this kind of shade is the one that makes you clutch your pearls and say “Now, I know Mrs Mops didn’t just tell a fellow housewife to stop being desperate for a rich man!”

Speaking of riches, one moment that had us gasping for air was when we saw the housewives’ cribs. You couldn’t mistake Tarina Patel’s Sandton mansion for anything other than a home of the rich and famous; so sumptuous and beautiful was the décor with Indian artefacts and in her own words, “I have access to one of the oldest cultures in the world, and my Indian heritage is evident everywhere in my house.”

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