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PBS Kids (DStv 313) makes home learning fun

Bongi Hill shares her kids’ experiences learning at home with PBS Kids (DStv 313) and DStv’s School of Laughter.

By Bongi Hill

DStv’s School of Laughter continues to expand their channels for kids. And, as home-schooling efforts continue, we’re committed to ensuring we deliver educational and entertaining content that helps parents to make learning at home, fun!

One of the channels that offer this ‘edutaining’ content is PBS Kids (DStv 313). Available to all DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family and Access customers, the channel offers content for kids which is not only entertaining but also highly educational. The channel is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of children through curriculum-based media, using new and traditional platforms to support children in their acquisition of knowledge and critical thinking skills while empowering their imagination and curiosity of the world.

Providing high-quality programming and learning environment for children, PBS’ children’s media invites kids on a journey to explore the world around them with non-violent, age-appropriate content that offers positive role models for children to learn from and grow with.

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PBS Kids is home to my kids’ all-time favourite show, Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood. I’m a big fan of this TV show as well, because it teaches kids important life skills throughs stories and catchy songs. It’s aimed at pre-schoolers, so it’s perfect for Esona who is 2 and Lukhanyo who is 5 years old.

Two other shows which we love from the channel are Curious George and Arthur. We’ve been exploring the channel and discovered a new show for Lukhanyo to enjoy called Worldword. It takes children on an adventure in a world of words where they encounter problems which can only be solved by building a word. It helps children to advance from learning letters to reading.

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