PICS: Episode 5 of Games of Thrones S8

There is a saying in Westeros, reminds Varys, that "When a Targaryen is born, a coin is tossed".

This episode, called "The Bells", was shocking.

*Warning: Spoilers*

Varys is incinerated by dragon fire for betraying Danaerys and Jon has made it clear to his Queen that while he remains loyal to her, they are no longer a romantic item. Between these revelations and the loss of her advisor Missandei in episode 4, it’s enough to push the young Targaryen to the edge.

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Daenerys, riding atop Drogon, razed King's Landing to the ground, including every man, woman and child within its walls. This, after the bells of the Red Keep, sounded, indicating the city's surrender.

The highlight of the episode was the meeting of The Hound and The Mountain, in what fans have been touting as "Cleganebowl".

Here are images from episode 5.

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