Pics from the last-ever episode of Game of Thrones made us cry

Now that the high from the Game of Thrones finale has worn off, we have time to reflect.

* Warning: Spoilers *

Sure, season 8 left us spinning the plot moved so quickly. It had the GoT fandom in uproar. But there are a few things we can agree on, surely – such as the most affecting, genuine moments from the final episode.

We particularly liked these moments from the Game of Thrones finale:

  • Daenerys first laying eyes on the Throne that she has imagined reclaiming for her entire life, since she was “a girl who couldn’t count to 20”. (She used to be a little girl! Then she was a legitimate Breaker of Chains, a real force for good, no matter what she ended up becoming. Let us never forget that.)
  • Drogon torching the Throne. The Throne, not Jon. (Did he know somewhere in his reptilian heart that it was the pursuit of the Throne that had really killed his mother?)
  • Tyrion sobbing over his siblings’ remains. (This is a man who murdered his father with a crossbow without batting an eyelid, remember.)
  • Ser Brienne completing Jaime’s legacy in the Book of Brothers. (He left her, she has every right to let his name be buried with his body – but instead, she made sure that history won’t forget the goodness he had in him, or his courageous fight for what he thought was right.)
  • Brandon the Broken saying, “Why did you think I came all this way?”. (We didn’t see this ending for him coming at all – but, of course, it was always going to.)

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