Playing with fire

Before embarking on a dangerous liaison of your own, stream these series about men and women who've been burned by love.

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Big Little Lies

On the outside, the women in Big Little Lies have the perfect lives - they're wealthy and happily married with beautiful children. But all is not as it seems.

In episode one of this Emmy Award-winning miniseries, we discover that there's been a murder in the upper-class town of Monterey, and pretty much everyone is a suspect.

When we go inside the well-appointed homes of Celeste, Madeline, Bonnie and Renata, we learn that not only are their lives not perfect - but because of the cracks in their marriages, they've all got a motive for being a murderer.

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This raunchy period drama about two rival brothels in the cesspit that is 18th-Century London is first and only on Showmax.

Margaret Wells is a brothel owner and mother who strives to do the best for her girls - her daughters Charlotte and Lucy, and the women who work for her.

One of her biggest goals in life is to get noblemen to sign on as her daughters keepers, so they'll never have to sell their bodies (well, not in a brothel, anyway).

Her second biggest goal is to become more successful than Lydia Quigley, her great rival, by setting up shop in the fancy part of town. But on the way, Charlotte, Lucy and the women working in both brothels discover that, in their world, love has only one consequence: disaster.

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Do you love Sex & The City? Then you can't afford to miss Younger.

This rom-com-drama, created by Darren Starr is first to Showmax.

Liza Miller is a 40-year-old divorcee and mother who decides to pose as a 26-year-old to get an entry-level job in publishing. All goes according to plan, until she meets gorgeous twenty-something tattoo artist Josh.

Their whirlwind romance can't last forever, especially while she keeps the massive secret of her age and background from him, and when she starts falling for her boss Charles, who's closer to her real age, she realises she's in serious danger of hurting everybody she loves.