Real and inspirational shows to watch

We usher in a new era in the Middle East with Saudi women in the driver’s seat.

Inside the Duchy S1

This two-part documentary special gives us an unprecedented insight into the Duchy of Cornwall, to mark the Prince of Wales’ 50th year as The Duke of Cornwall. The historic estate is Prince Charles’ private domain and this docu-series will follow the staff and tenants with exclusive interviews from the duke and his duchess. Established in the 14th century, the iconic estate has enjoyed much success and thriving business under the stewardship of the duke.

Thursday 14 November on ITV Choice (123) at 20:00


Escobar Exposed

Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar was the 20th century’s most notorious and documented outlaw. In this latest documentary, his son and widow give us some more insight into the narco legend’s life and talk about their personal experiences after his death.

Thursday 8 November on Showmax


Saudi Women’s Driving School

In this one-hour documentary by HBO, Saudi women embrace a new way of life and the freedom that comes from being behind the wheel when they are allowed to drive legally for the first time. This eye-opening documentary chronicles the largest female-only driving school in the world, and how women are navigating driving for the first time since the ban on female driving was lifted in 2017.

Friday 8 November on Showmax


Tide S1

With half the world’s population living in coastal areas, to most of us, we’re still not really sure what cause tidal waves to rise and fall. From the planet’s highest tide, swirling whirlpools and waves, the deck of an oil tanker to a beautiful beachfront. The series investigates Canada, Norway, Ireland and China to see the world’s highest tide, some of the planet’s most dangerous currents and one of Britain’s most frightening whirlpools.

Sunday 10 November on BBC Earth (184) at 16:00


Dodo Heroes S2

Each episode of this inspiring and moving series highlights the bond between animals and people. From those who design prosthetic limbs for animals, to rescuing animals that are forced to do things that don’t come instinctively at circuses. This season will see a fight to save seals in Ireland, a Kangaroo sanctuary and rescue in Australia, a rescued baby elephant who’s ready to return to the wild and more.

Tuesday 12 November on Discovery Family (136) at 18:30