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Horizon: The Restaurant that Burns Calories

Would you change the way you order food if you knew how long it would take you to burn off the calories? Find out in this controversial show where 20 unsuspecting diners are presented with shocking information after indulging in a three-course meal.

Tuesday 14 July on BBC Earth (DStv 184) at 19:00

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The Supervet S6

Noel Fitzpatrick is a vet in Surrey who takes on difficult pet health cases to save man’s best friend. Using cutting edge technology and unusual techniques, he works hard to save the lives of pets who shouldn’t stand a chance.

Monday 13 July on BBC Earth (DStv 184) at 18:00

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Banged Up Abroad

This docudrama features stories of people who find themselves in sticky situations while abroad. Some have (on purpose or unknowingly) trafficked drugs, some have been kidnapped with enormous ransoms. All of them are fighting for their lives.

Monday 13 July on National Geographic (DStv 181) at 20:50

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Your Home Made Perfect S2

Two architects pitch their ideas to families looking to make major renovations to their home. To help them visualise the different approaches, Laura Jane Clark and Robert Jamison use virtual reality technology to showcase their concepts.

Friday 10 July on BBC Lifestyle (DStv 174) at 20:00


My Dream Home S7

Property brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott are back again. Together they help couples find diamonds in the rough and show them how to make them sparkle. But before they can begin construction, they must convince the couples that this is a risk worth taking.

Monday 13 July on The Home Channel (DStv 176) at 17:00

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation S3

Ever wonder what happens when the biggest party crew settles down, gets married and has kids? When these Jersey Shore alums decide to go on family holidays together, we get to watch them bring in the drama with more complicated stories.

Thursday 16 July on MTV (DStv 130) at 15:00

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