Recap: The Bachelor SA S2 E10

Marc goes on two light-hearted dates and Rikki gets drummed out

Competing for a man on a dating show requires courage and a whole lot of patience. You are forced to watch other women that you live with kiss, cuddle and go on dates with the man you’re seeing, which can be infuriating.

While most of the remaining ladies on episode 10 of The Bachelor SA have gone on a one-on-one date with hunky Marc, drummer and marketing lecturer Rikki Brest was frustrated when she wasn’t invited to either of this week’s two fun outings. This saw her give up on the quest for Marc’s heart, and she was ready to pack her bags and go home even before the rose ceremony began. “I’m not going to beg. I’m not going to play games. If you wanted to spend time with me, you would have made a plan to do that,” she said while talking to Marc. And her feeling that she would be going home was proven right – no rose for Rikki. You can catch up on all the action on DStv Catch Up.


Don’t look down

Before Rikki put Marc on the spot, he invited four of the ladies to a group date – an adrenaline-rushing bungee jump excursion at the Soweto Towers in Johannesburg.

Each of the women’s experience during the activity mirrored their connection with Marc. For speech therapist Marisia, her leap wasn’t daunting at all. It was effortless and she felt at ease; receptionist Gillian was smiling throughout the jump; while travel agent Bridget almost backed out of the task but she later overcame her fear and dived in. As for fashion designer Jessica, she didn’t partake in the activity because of a back injury, but she still received the most attention from Marc throughout the date. They even shared a few pecks as he always falls for a damsel in distress.


Something’s cooking

The night portion of the date was a one-on-one with human rights lawyer Mulesa. Unlike last week, where Marisia used her wild rose to steal a date from the lawyer, nothing and no one was going to stand in Mulesa’s way to spend more time with Marc. Not even Rikki’s envious eyes.

Cooking with a partner means a lot to Marc, and the man definitely has skills in the kitchen. He gave Mulesa a few culinary tips. While she was chopping nuts and discussing what their future would look like together, he was preparing the salmon and the leafy green side. Their chemistry was easy. So it was a no-brainer that she received a red token for dessert.


Burning bridges

While the ladies were waiting for Marc at the cocktail party, they played another game of Never Have I Ever. As always, it started well and they were all giggling. But in a matter of minutes, things got tense as most of the jabs were targeted at Jessica. The others threw shade at her for writing Marc a secret letter and trying to convince him to go vegan. She felt bullied and alone.

Like Jessica, Rikki felt side-lined but it had nothing to do with the women’s comments, and everything to do with her dying connection with Marc. She raised her concerns with him and he reassured her, saying that she didn’t have to worry as he wanted to get to know her – only for him to turn around and send her packing.


Calling it quits

While Rikki was hopeful that she’d spend more time with Marc, a big part of her was ready to leave. She won extra time with him following the group date in episode 2, but since then, their spark died. “Coming into the week, I was on the fence about my stay on the show. I could feel that I was about to leave, there was nothing there. Had Marc offered a rose, I was going to turn it down because I didn’t know much of him. I even wrote the girls a letter saying goodbye to them that morning,” explains Rikki.

When Rikki entered The Bachelor SA, she was ready to put her heart on the line and fall in love, but she was disappointed when she was invited to countless group dates but never a one-on-one. “It’s frustrating when you’re in the mansion and the same girls are going on dates and you’re always at home. Sure, I was happy that they were getting to know this man, but at the same time, I felt like I was put aside and I kept questioning why he wanted me around if he wasn’t going to make an effort to spend time with me.”

Rikki was one of the women who’d put Marc on the spot and challenged him whenever her expectations weren’t met. “That’s what I am looking for in a relationship. Someone to challenge me and call me out on certain things. I didn’t get that from Marc and that’s what I’m looking for in a relationship. I don’t think we were compatible but I’m glad that I went thought the experience,” adds the 34-year-old, who is still single.

Outside the mansion, things are looking tough for roseless Rikki. This normally outspoken contestant made some comments about the ladies who she didn’t think were the right fit for Marc in episode 9, and she has been attacked for it on social media. “I’m not perfect. I had a moment of weakness and trolls have crucified me for it. I’ve been called names on social media, and I also been told to go kill myself,” reveals Rikki. “It’s hard when people that don’t know you criticise you for the person you were portrayed to be on TV. I love and respect the women on the show, and I have made good friends with some of these wonderful ladies.”

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