Recap: The Bachelor SA S2 E11

Insecurities surfaced ahead of hometown dates and Marc had to eliminate two women


With hometown dates around the corner, hunk Marc Buckner was faced with some tough decisions in episode 11 of The Bachelor SA S2. There were six beautiful, intelligent women vying for his heart, but only four could receive the roses that would lead to him meeting their families. And Marc does so hate to see a damsel in distress. He’s made strong connections with all the remaining ladies, and he feared that he’d hurt someone he truly cared about. But there was no way around it, two hearts were broken and there were tears streaming at the end of the episode – you can get up to speed with all the action on DStv Catch Up.


Teething problems

Unlike previous weeks in which host Jason Greer would drop off a group date card and leave immediately, he sat on the couch with the ladies and read the card out loud. You could hear a pin drop. The stakes have never been this high and the women had never been this keen to spend time with Marc. But only three ladies were invited to a mountain bike riding session: model Qiniso, speech therapist Marisia and travel agent Bridget. However, Qiniso had to decline the offer thanks to a dentist’s appointment, so she was replaced with human rights lawyer Mulesa.

The activity might’ve given Marc clarity and the chance to iron out issues with the women, but he rubbed Mulesa the wrong way when he brought up her friendship with former villain and dancer Pasha a couple of times in their conversation. He thought that the lawyer was influenced by Pasha’s cynicism – based on the looks that Mulesa gave him at the rose ceremony two weeks back. That couldn’t possibly be caring and gentle Mulesa being brash and cold towards him. It must come from somewhere – yes, her sudden bond with Pasha. Marc should’ve known better than to think that Mulesa was going to accept his views and roll over. She wanted him to know that she isn’t some frail little girl who easily fell into peer pressure.


Digging deep

And it was receptionist Gillian’s chance to go on her first one-on-one date with Marc. Seeing that they haven’t spent too much time together, he was looking forward to a relaxed evening where he could get to know more about Gillian. She came to the party and held nothing back, revealing details of her childhood and her relationship with her mom. This vulnerability drew Marc in. He not only gave her a passionate kiss, but the first hometown rose.


Who got the gold rose?

When Gillian returned to the mansion with a big smile on her face and a rose, panic started kicking in for the other ladies. There were three roses left and five women in the running.

Going into the rose ceremony, everyone was on edge. The conversations they had with Marc weren’t light-hearted and fun. These were women who were serious about introducing him to their families (which Marc honestly seemed a little startled by. Too soon, Marc?) For Mulesa, she wanted to clear the air about their chat earlier. She told him that her friendship with Pasha – or anyone for that matter – was nothing to be afraid of. She can make decisions on her own.

If Gillian had any doubts about Marc's choice to give her a rose, his next gesture cemented his feelings for her: he gifted her a rose gold Jack Friedman necklace with black diamonds. Of course, this sent out a message of terror to the ladies, particularly Bridget. Her head was all over the place. At some point, she considered self-eliminating. For a woman as opinionated and with so much to offer, she requires a lot of handholding and reassurance. “I don’t feel like I’m good enough like the other girls,” she confessed with a shaky voice. But Marc settled Bridget’s insecurities and gave her a rose… and he eliminated Qiniso and Mulesa.


Qiniso: Miss misunderstood

While Qiniso received the very first kiss of the season, and Marc said their connection felt like “home” during their out-of-town date in Durban, she didn’t get a chance to “invite him inside”. “Initially, Marc and I had great chemistry. We had our Titanic moment on our date. I don’t think that the spark ever died. He just made stronger connections with the other ladies,” says 26-year-old Qiniso Van Damme.

Throughout the season, Marc and some of the women questioned Qiniso’s intentions on the show. He was concerned that she was only on The Bachelor SA to advance her modelling and acting career. Quinton strongly denies that. “I was there to find love, really. When you’re in the house, cameras are always watching you. You can’t fake it. Just because I am an actress, doesn’t mean that I can’t establish a connection. I was genuine about finding love,” adds Qiniso, who is still single.

Marc was also apprehensive about her character. If Qiniso would laugh, he’d misinterpret it as being disingenuous or a big act. “I am the girl who laughs out loud with an open mouth and her head rolled back. I’m goofy and nerdy. I didn’t realise that he didn’t understand my personality because he never mentioned it to me. I saw his opinions of me while I was watching the show,” says Qiniso. “This is who I am. I’m not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I am my own cup of tea.”

“I’m still open to finding love, being vulnerable and wearing my heart on the sleeve. I am enough and I’m happy that viewers relate with my character. I have a force – aka #TeamQiniso – rallying behind me on social media. It’s amazing and I’m grateful for the love and support.”


The trouble with Mulesa

While leaving was a bitter pill for Mulesa, she’s glad that she put her foot down and made her voice heard. “I’m at peace with everything that happened on the show. I have no regrets and I am glad that I stood up for myself. It was a delight to watch that side of me,” says 27-year-old Mulesa Lumina.

Mulesa was one of the women who caught Marc’s eye earlier on, and he even mentioned that she is one of the most beautiful women he’s ever met. But their communication wasn’t as strong as their physical connection. “Things took a strange turn and we couldn’t hash out the disagreement we had in our last talk. I wish he could’ve been direct with his questions rather than bringing up my friend’s name in the conversation.”

“I’m still very much single. I think love will find me when I’m ready to find it. For now, I’m focused on my jewellery business, my personal blog and career as a women’s rights activist. I learnt that I’m resilient and far stronger than I think,” adds the lawyer.

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