Recap: The Bachelor SA S2 E12

Marc meets Bridget and Jessica R’s families as the hometown dates kick off

The tables have turned. Instead of the women pulling out all the stops to impress eye-candy Marc for a rose, he’s the one put in the hot seat. For a change, Marc is a ball of nerves as he travels to meet the top 4’s families during hometown dates in episode 12 of The Bachelor SA. You can relive all the action on DStv Catch Up if you missed an episode on Thursday nights.

The episodes have been stretched out for viewers to gain more insight on Marc’s connections with each contestant around their loved ones. So this week, he’ll only be meeting travel agent Bridget and fashion designer Jessica R’s families, and in the next episode he will head off to speech therapist Marisia and receptionist Gillian’s homes.


Building bridges with Bridget

First up, it’s highly opinionated and recovering insecure girl-next-door Bridget’s turn to show Marc her favourite spot in her hometown, Durban. They’re both from the East Coast, so that’s another thing they have in common besides their competitive streak and outdoorsy personalities. The travel agent took Marc on a fun date at the arcade. Like two love-struck teens, they couldn’t stop flirting and giggling while bowling and playing arcade games.

As always, when Bridget voices her reservations about her relationship with Marc, she puts herself down and puts him on a pedestal. She’s scared that he’ll either put her in the friendzone or in her own words, “leave me for the next best thing”. She is turning out to be her biggest enemy. Bridget and Marc have the strangest dynamic – at times, she acts like a grade 8 student who finally gets a chance to go on a date with the much-older and hotter jock at their high school. She’s in constant disbelief.


Right at home

Bridget’s family deserve a round of applause for the way they handled their first meeting with Marc. They were relaxed, friendly and made him feel right at home. Although Bridget’s parents grilled him with questions about his relationship with their daughter, they didn’t scare him off. He felt at ease, especially when her aunt brought out her baby pictures and photos of Bridget and her late grandmother aka Gogo. If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that there is a connection between Bridget and Marc, whether it may come across as friendly or awkward. It’s there.


Joined at the hip with Jessica R

Up next, Jessica R in her hometown, Cape Town – which happens to be Marc’s favourite city in the world. The fashion designer used her time with Marc to get him to let his guard down. She organised a picnic by the lake with a packed lunch and loads of conversation. With Marc and Jessica, it’s like they’ve been dating for years. They’re inseparable. During their chat, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, and they even made up for the odd first kiss they shared in Namibia.

At this point, Jessica R’s worst fear is that she’ll fall for Marc, but like previous men that she’s dated, he’ll disappoint her. She’s the typical ride-or-die. Loyal until the very end, and all she expects is for the person she cares about to reciprocate her feelings.


A friendly warning

Jessica R’s family was just as welcoming as Bridget’s. They greeted Marc with a warm hug and a smile, and they were excited to see Jessica in love. As with all caring parents, hers were apprehensive that Marc could break their daughter’s heart, so they’re a little overprotective of Jessica.

The highlight of Jessica’s hometown was seeing her bestie, Melissa. Before everyone sat to have dinner, she pulled Marc aside to question him about his intentions with Jess. The way Melissa spoke to Marc, she was walking the fine line between being polite and flirting with him. She was looking him in the eye while casually complimenting him on his looks but still warned him not to mess with her friend.

If next week’s episode is just as intriguing and romantic, Marc might find himself struggling to send one of the ladies home in the next rose ceremony.

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