Recap: The Bachelor SA S2 E13

The last of the hometown dates end with Gillian teary-eyed and super confused on The Bachelor SA

It was Round 2 of the hometown dates and charming Marc Buckner was travelling to meet the families of the final two of the top-four ladies in episode 13 of The Bachelor SA. Last week was travel agent Bridget and fashion designer Jessica R’s chance to introduce Marc to their families. This episode was all about receptionist Gillian and speech therapist Marisia van Wyk.

At the end of the week, Marc would have to eliminate one woman – a terrifying situation since he shared a special bond with all the remaining ladies. Grab your tissue box: there'll be tears and heartbreak at the end of the episode. You can relive all the action on DStv Catch Up if you missed an episode on Thursday night.


Take a picture, it’ll last longer

The episode began with Gillian Seetso excited to welcome Marc to her hometown, Johannesburg. For a change, we were shown another side to the city of gold. There aren’t skyscrapers, overcrowding and buzzing traffic. But Marc and Gillian were in scenic forest, where she revealed that she’s a photographer during her spare time, so she’d be taking photos of him during the first portion of the date. Since he is a model, he was beyond thrilled.

This activity gave them a chance to be in their elements: Gilly was in charge and behind the camera, and Mark was striking poses and doing his utmost to please a lady – a great icebreaker for the intense evening ahead. He’d be meeting the receptionist’s friends and her much beloved and admired mom. One caution, though. “If my mom doesn’t like Marc, it’s a deal breaker,” Gillian warned. Gillian had never taken a boyfriend home before, so inviting Marc was a big deal for her. She was nervous and crossing her fingers that her mother would get along with him. But if there’s one thing we’ve learnt about Marc, it's that he is good with families, and even better with mothers. He took things easy and remained calm.

Make up fake up?

But Marc was taken back when Gillian’s friends let slip that she loves social media. She even has her own channel where she uploads make-up tutorials. That didn’t sit well with Marc. He distinctly remembered how Gillian told him that she doesn’t like social media at all. Was she lying or is this another classic case of a misunderstanding? Either way, Marc was turned off!


Making moves with Marisia

Then it was frontrunner Marisia van Wyk’s turn to introduce Marc to her loved ones. They’re in Cape Town, and like Gillian, Marisia got creative with her date. Instead of taking a long walk on the beach or to a wine farm, Marisia took Marc for a session of rock-climbing. Compared to the remaining ladies, Marisia’s time on The Bachelor was nothing but smooth sailing. On most occasions, she was offered the first rose at the rose ceremonies, and she received a wild rose that allowed her to steal a date from any of the ladies. Marc also gave her those Jack Friedman earrings…

Marc and Marisia’s rock climbing date saw them also plotting a route on the treacherous Mount Life Goals. They discussed their goals and aspirations, something he’d hardly done with any of the ladies. Marc wanted to know whether the speech therapist would be intent on accepting a job offer at a hospital in England or whether she’ll apply for the Masters programme in Cape Town, where he resides. At this point, it seemed to be Marisia’s game to win.


A seat at the table

When Marisia and Marc arrived at the guest house to meet her family, they were met with warm hugs and lots of laughs. From Marisia’s glow and smile, her parents and friends could tell that she’s in love. Marisia and Marc were touchy-feely around her loved ones, but Marc raised a concern with her parents: he is 10 years older than her. Is the age gap something that they should be worried about? While her parents believe that age is nothing but a number, her friends joked around that Marc is a bit of an “oom” (uncle in Afrikaans). Could their age difference return to haunt them?

Not so rosy

Unlike the past episodes where there’ d be a cocktail party to whet the palate, Marc and the ladies had to jump straight into the serious and tense rose ceremony. All the ladies were terrified. While the roses reportedly aren’t handed out in any particular order, Marisia was called out first, yet again. Next, it was Jessica R, and then after a deep breath, Marc called out Bridget. That meant that Gillian would be going back home, still single.


The end of the road

With Gillian eliminated, this could only mean one thing regarding the photos she took of Marc: she’s deleting them.

Gillian was speechless after her name wasn’t called out at the rose ceremony. “I was shocked,” she says. “I had a million thoughts racing through my mind. I was wondering if there was something wrong that I did or said. It didn’t make sense to me at that point that I was going home.”

From Gillian’s perspective, her hometown date with Marc went well. They had no disagreements and her feelings for him were steadily growing. She was stunned when he revealed on TV that he had eliminated her because she enjoys wasting the hours away on social media, posting pictures and uploading make-up vlogs. Gillian smelled a hypocrite. “I think it’s a crappy excuse to eliminate someone for that. Social media isn’t who I am. It’s a part of who I am. It’s not like Marc doesn’t have social media pages. His reason doesn’t make any sense at all,” Gillian fumed.

But after watching the last episode, Gillian received clarity on their break-up. “I was confused when I left. When I learnt that it’s because of the social media thing, I found closure. I’m at peace knowing that I wore my heart on the sleeve and gave the relationship my all. If Marc had issues with anything, he should’ve pulled me aside and asked. I can’t guess whether he has issues or reservations,” insists Gillian, who is still single. “The right man will find me when it’s the right time. I’m focused on completing my public relations diploma and, guess what, growing my social media page. I’m glad that I entered to be a part of the show as I grew mentally and emotionally. I wish Marc the best and I am okay with the breakup.”

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