Recap: The Bachelor SA S2 E14

Frontrunner Jessica R refuses to go home without a clear explanation after Marc eliminates her.

With the finale looming, the three remaining women had one thought in mind on episode 14 of The Bachelor SA: win hunk Marc Buckner’s heart through any means necessary. Throwing each other under the bus, hitting below the belt and backstabbing were all on the table. Their friendship and sisterhood were out the window – and they were definitely playing dirty. For some, to their own detriment. Fashion designer Jessica Ross wasn’t offered a rose after she accused travel agent Bridget Marshall of starting rumours about Marc. But that didn’t mean it was the end of the road for Jess. She’s still on the show, trying to convince Marc that she’s telling the truth.

If Marc thinks that he can get rid of Jessica that easily, though, he better think again. Instead of shaking his hand and thanking him for a wonderful romantic experience, Jessica had a major meltdown in front of him and the other two ladies. “If there were any concerns, you should’ve spoken them to me [earlier] because there were none on the date. I don’t understand how you’d say I’m manipulative,” said Jessica with her voice breaking. She wasn’t going anywhere, anytime soon despite not receiving a red token. To describe the moment as awkward is an understatement. Oh, man, head over to DStv Catch Up to relive the tears.


Driven up the wall by Jessica R

To kick-start a week of adventure dates in the safari, Jessica was first to go on a game drive with Marc. She’s a woman who came prepared. She had written 21 questions on a paper to ask throughout the day. This didn’t surprise Marc at all. She’s the woman who wrote him a letter and snuck it into his pocket following the rose ceremony in episode 4.

The sky was blue, the animals came out to play and the view was breath-taking but Jessica ruined it all when she dropped a major bombshell on Marc: according to Jessica, she overhead Bridget saying that Marc has a girlfriend outside of the show. And he is sharing the money that he’s making from The Bachelor with this so-called woman. In essence, this means that Marc is on the show to waste everyone’s time.

Marc was completely taken aback because it’s all a lie. And while the news doesn’t entirely ruin their date, because they share a passionate kiss, he can’t wait to get to the bottom of the allegations.


Thrown in the deep-end with Bridget

Bridget’s date was up next and there was tension between her and Marc. He didn’t waste any time in confronting the travel agent about Jessica’s claims. To Marc’s surprise, Bridget denied everything. This posed a question: which one of these ladies was lying, because you can’t make up a story like this out of thin air. While Marc wanted nothing more than to put the rumour behind them during the date, Jessica’s name continued to pop up in their conversations while they were fishing and snorkelling.

Bridget and Marc’s picnic overlooking the ocean and sunset took a turn when she admitted to “liking” him. While his connection with Bridget’s has been growing stronger for the past few weeks, could this gossip fiasco put an end to their romance?


Falling deeper with Marisia

Finally, it was speech therapist Marisia van Wyk’s chance to go on a date with Marc. They went for an easy, drama-free session of horseback riding. The first few minutes were off to a great start, with Marisia showing her skills until her horse bucked free and sent her crashing to the ground. Fortunately, there weren’t any broken bones, although Marisia is scratched with a sore back. Marc was intrigued by Marisia’s strength. She might be the youngest of the women but she’s a tough cookie, and she doesn’t shed a tear. In that instant, when she is almost seriously injured, Marc realised that he cares about her deeply.

Broken trust

With three woman and only two roses to hand out, emotions were running high at the rose ceremony. Marc was sweating, shaking and undoubtedly nervous. Marisia received the first rose despite their vast age gap. With that out of the way, it was time to evaluate who he believed more: Bridget and Jessica. In the end, it’s Bridget who he sided with, leaving Jessica without a red token.

Jessica was in utter shock!“It’s not real. How could this be happening?” she said in disbelief. She felt blindsided and confused. “I feel like I’m being manipulated by you. I can only tell you what I see,” said Marc. But that wasn’t enough for Jessica. Not when their date was perfect and they developed a strong chemistry. She demanded a concise explanation as to why she was going. And while Marc tried to tell her that their connection isn’t as strong as the other two, she clearly had a hard time accepting the rejection.

You’ll have to tune in to see how the drama unfolds. Because two women are meeting Marc’s parents and it seems like Jessica is willing to fight for one of those spots.

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