Recap: The Bachelor SA S2 E4

Time is up: the ladies breathe a huge sigh of relief when Marc eliminates house villain Nolo

It’s only the third week into The Bachelor SA Season 2 but the tension in the mansion is already spilling over. Instead of vying for eye-candy Marc’s heart, the remaining ladies are at war with each other – and like before, opinionated radio personality Nolo is at the centre of the commotion for her instigating. To make matters worse, she grabs Marc away from the cocktail party after all the women make a pact that Ariel-lookalike Adeline would be the first to talk to him.

Worth the wait

With all the drama in the house, getting a one-on-one date with Marc is exactly what speech therapist Marisia ordered. Their date was straight from a romantic novel: they took a bike ride to Maropeng, followed by a candlelit picnic in an open field and the sunset in the background. That’s not all, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Talk about instant chemistry…

In hot water

The group date at the waterpark was nothing short of awkward. Pasha didn’t waste any time in letting Marc in on the issues at the mansion, and he immediately knew that Nolo was behind all the chaos. So, it was no surprise when he didn’t give Nolo a rose – and all the ladies were beyond thrilled. Following Nolo on her way out was social media influencer Stefanie, as well as business development manager Pi.

Asking for trouble

It was not Nolo’s intention to stir the pot. She was just standing up for herself after the pink room ganged up against her. “I am usually not confrontational. The house brought out another side of me,” says Nolo. “I tried to make amends with some of the ladies countless times, but they rejected my apology at every turn, which made me retaliate,” explains the 27-year-old.

Given the opportunity, Nolo wouldn’t change anything as she explains her actions were appropriate seeing that she was defending herself. “At some point I was emotionally drained. I felt alone and disrespected. I don’t regret my behaviour on the show as I stood up for myself – and for that, I am proud,” adds the radio presenter who’s still single and ready to mingle. “I learnt a lot about myself on The Bachelor SA. In future, I’ll be more communicative about my emotions instead of allowing them to bottle up and boil over,” she adds.

Saw it coming

While Pi and Marc share a love for animals, they’ll never get the chance to walk his dog Luna at a park. Pi explains that she wasn’t stunned when she wasn’t given a rose. “I realised soon that we just didn’t have a connection,” says the 30-year-old.

The business developer felt that her relationship with Marc was one-sided as she was the one initiating conversation. “He didn’t ask about my life or hobbies whenever we were together, so I could sense that he wasn’t really interested in me. Although I shed tears when I left the house, I wasn’t crying because I’d lost Marc. But I was emotional as I had established great friendships in the house; I was sad to be leaving all the ladies,” adds Pi.

No hard feelings

For Stefanie, there was no love lost. “I didn’t get the chance to get to know him too,” she says. Being on the reality show was especially hard for Stephanie as she isn’t used to fighting for a man’s attention. “We had to literally stand in a queue to get a word in with Marc. That was the craziest part,” adds Stefanie.

Considering that she didn’t develop a connection with bachelor Marc, she was ready to leave the show had she been offered a rose. “There were absolutely no feelings from my side. I realised earlier that we didn’t have chemistry, so I was ready to go home,” explains the 27-year-old who is currently in a relationship. “I am focused on growing my career and in my romance. I’m truly at a happy place in my life,” says Stephanie.

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