Recap: The Bachelor SA S2 E7

The ladies’ true colours were exposed when Marc put them in the hot seat

It’s easy for the ladies to hide their true characters when they’re on dates with eye-candy Marc on The Bachelor SA. They dress to kill, recite their achievements and sell themselves to him like they’re in an interview for their dream job. Chances are he doesn’t get the full picture of their personalities.

So Marc surprised the remaining ladies with a game of “Most likely to” in episode 7, in which he asked them uncomfortable questions about each other and they had to vote for the woman who is most likely to commit an act that crosses the line – which is fitting as they spend most of their time together in the Bachelor mansion.

The game, however, stopped being fun when dancer Pasha’s name came up one too many times in questions like “which lady is most likely to flirt with another man while they are in a relationship”. She was saddened by her housemates’ assumptions of her. While Pasha reassured Marc that the others were trying to tarnish her reputation because she had one of the strongest connections with him, one thing was clear: a red flag went up for Marc – and this little game could return to haunt Pasha’s romance with Marc in future. You can catch the drama on DStv Now and Catch Up if you missed last Thursday’s events.


Keeping it casual

Midway through the Most-likely-to, Pasha shot daggers from her eyes almost as sharp as her long nails. Tensions were at peak level. To finish the game off, the ladies cast their final votes for the most deserving contestant to go on a one-on-one date with Marc. There was a tie between lifeguard Bridget and chef Jessica C, with Marc choosing the say-it-like-it-is lifeguard in the end.

Their date was straight from a chick flick. Marc took Bridget to an intimate location, surrounded by fairy lights and later they were serenaded by local musician Daniel Baron who sang them a song that he dedicated to his fiancée. Bridget didn’t mind that she didn’t get a rose or a kiss because she was saving it for later – “saving the best for last”, as she puts it.


Front runner

For the first time this season, the ladies entered the rose ceremony without anyone having a rose. It was an even playing field to win Marc’s heart.

While some of the women realised that their connection with Marc wasn’t that strong, speech therapist Marisia solidified her position as the frontrunner. She picked up where she left off in their episode 3 date, in a steamy kissing session. They kissed not once, not twice, but three times and if someone didn’t come and stop them, they would’ve made out the entire evening (and the look on Bridget’s face seeing them smooch is priceless).

But for artist and former pageant queen Andeline Wieland, her short conversation with Marc didn’t hit the mark and she was eliminated.


Dropping the ball

While Marc and Andeline got along well in the beginning, there was just something missing between them. It’s not because she didn’t get a rose or a kiss during any of their alone time, but their chemistry fell flat. “I liked the fact that Marc knows what he wants in a woman. He is ready to settle down. We just didn’t have enough time,” explains Andeline.

In the outside world, Andeline prefers ample time before she gets intimate with a man, which could’ve worked against her on The Bachelor. “I’m quite slow when it comes to falling in love and that’s because I was in a four-year relationship with someone that I had met in varsity. Coming from a traditional Afrikaans family, that’s what we usually do. You meet a man while you’re still young, get married and live happily ever after. But we didn’t work out. Since then I have been guarded. I’m glad that I was on the show because I was open to falling in love again and being vulnerable.”

Andeline will be mostly remembered for throwing a fit when Pasha got a second date before some of the ladies even went on their first dates with Marc. “When you’re on the show and you see some girls get more attention and time with him, you can’t help but be frustrated,” says the 24-year-old. “I was annoyed that I was putting in so much effort but it went unnoticed,” she admits.

Being part of the show didn’t turn Andeline away from love. She’s still single and ready to meet her prince. “I’ve been receiving plenty of messages in my inbox and DMs from mothers telling me that they’d like to set me up on a date with their sons,” says the redhead with a giggle. “But I don’t want to meet someone online. I want them to be brave enough to approach me in public and sweep me off my feet.”

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