Recap: The Bachelor SA S2 E9

Frontrunner Pasha’s stirring ruins her relationship with Marc and she’s sent packing

Not everyone is cut out to compete for a man on reality TV while still living under the same roof as the other women vying for his heart. The environment can bring out the worst in them, ruining their relationship with the lead before the romance takes off. That’s exactly what happened to dancer frontrunner Pasha in episode 9 of The Bachelor SA. If you missed last night’s episode, you can catch up on all the action on DStv Catch Up. Apart from Pasha’s snarky comments, like calling the other ladies “boring and weak”, she allowed the tension in the mansion to get to her, causing a rift with hunky Marc. But Pasha wasn’t the only one with a lot on her chest this week…


The squeaky wheels

The episode began with last week’s cliff-hanger: Mark pulled musician Rikki aside at the thirteenth hour to discuss their relationship. If he didn’t offer her a rose, she’d pack her bags immediately and leave. However, Marc wasn’t ready to give up on their relationship yet – even after she called him a “people pleaser” because she believes that he gives the women who nag and cry preferential treatment. “If this one throws a fit or sulks, she gets a rose,” says Rikki. To her surprise, Mark agreed with her claims and he was still eager to give their romance another try. She accepted the rose but moments later, she started regretting her decision as things returned to normal: Marc still gave the criers more attention.

All’s fair in love and war

While Marc and Rikki were having their intense conversation upstairs, the rest of the women had front row seats to Pasha and Bridget’s fight. It started when fashion designer Jessica R warned speech therapist Marisia that she wouldn’t appreciate it if Marisia used her wild rose to steal a date that involved Marc’s dog Luna. The ladies attacked Jessica, Pasha more than the others. And when Bridget tried to protect Jessica, Pasha flipped the script and lashed out at everyone at the table. The fashion designer was reduced to tears, and the evening ended on a bitter note.


Cry me a river

The next morning’s pool party was no different. What was meant to be a fun day in the sun turned into Jessica R’s moment to weep and tell Marc about how Pasha and some of the ladies were bullying her. Marc followed Rikki’s prediction and he spent most of the group activity comforting Jessica. And the rest of the women felt like they were the third wheel in Marc and Jessica’s romance, with Marc and Jess sharing a drink from one cup. Talk about awkward.

At the end of the pool party Marc offered human rights lawyer Mulesa a date card for a walk in the park, but Marisia used the wild rose to steal the date. She not only met Mac’s dog Luna, she received a pair of expensive earrings from Marc. Jessica was green with envy.


Love is a gamble

The cocktail party had another twist. It was shorter than usual because the girls were asked to play a game of blackjack. The girl with the most chips would get extra time with Marc, and Mulesa beat Bridget in a game of sudden death. Mulesa finally got to put Marc in the hotseat and ask him burning questions, and it was exactly what they needed to revive the spark in their romance.

With one rose left during the rose ceremony and rivals Pasha and Bridget last to the stand, Marc chose Bridget over Pasha, sending the dancer home. Most of the women breathed a huge sigh of relief, as they’ve always wanted her to leave, believing that Pasha was at the centre of most of the tension in the mansion.


No looking back

Because Pasha received the first wild rose and went on two dates with Marc, she didn’t expect to get eliminated. “I was shocked. I really thought that I was going to stay longer because we had a good connection. Honestly, I still don’t know why I left,” reveals Pasha. Although her last conversation with Marc was strange, she thought that they’d have an opportunity to clear the air, but it was already too late. “He was cold when we last talked. He wasn’t affectionate at all. I knew something was off but I didn’t expect an elimination,” adds the 27-year-old dancer.

For Pasha, the issues in the mansion started on the very first night when she received the wild rose. The women viewed her as a threat. “I felt the tension from the word go. But I didn’t let that get to me. My focus was on getting to know Marc and developing our relationship. He is kind-hearted, tall and attractive. I truly believe that if we had time, we could’ve established a stronger connection, but it’s tough living in that house and juggling a relationship.” Living with 20 other women was a challenge for Pasha as she’s used to her own space, struggling to adapt to the environment. “I come from a small family and I lived on my own for four years. I wasn’t used to having so many people in my face all the time. It was an experience on its own,” she adds.

Pasha admits that she sometimes cringes while watching the show, but she has no regrets. “I am a straight-forward person and I stuck to my guns. Sure, some things shouldn’t have been said, but that’s who I am,” insists Pasha, who is still single and focussed on growing her Pilates business. “I have learnt a lot about myself and I’m glad that I was able to open up and be vulnerable with Marc. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.”

The Bachelor SA S2 airs every Thursday at 19:00 on M-Net (101). DStv Premium viewers can also tune in on Catch Up, or stream the episodes live via their mobile devices with the DStv Now app.  

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