Recap: The Bachelor SA S2E6

Marc’s connection with Pasha ruffles the ladies’ feathers – and they want her out!

The downside of sharing a man with ten other stunning women is that there’s bound to be jealousy. That’s exactly what this week’s episode of The Bachelor SA offered: more awkward tension between the remaining ladies who are competing for eye-candy Marc – you can catch The Bachelor SA on DStv Now and Catch Up if you missed the drama from last night.

The ladies were far from impressed when the first one-on-one date card was offered to dancer Pasha. It’s not that they see her as a threat; it’s her reaction that got them reeling. For starters, Pasha was pouting and seemed annoyed that she had to get dolled up when she was planning to sleep in for the day. They questioned her character and whether she’s with Marc for the right reasons.

As always, Pasha won Marc’s heart. He was interested in seeing more of her following a class of aerial silk, so they went to a spa for the second half of the date where Marc not only gave her a kiss and a rose, Pasha also received an infamous Marc Buckner foot massage, sure to make the other girls green with envy. Later he did let it slip that he’s noticed her jealous streak. And from Pasha’s reaction to Marc kissing other girls, the green monster is definitely coming forward.

Getting on track

The group date was a romantic ride on a steam train, giving the ladies more time to chat to Marc about their relationship expectations and their time in the mansion. For lifeguard Bridget Marshall, it was a chance to vent about Pasha’s recent behaviour. Although Marc would’ve preferred it if she spoke about herself and their connection, he still gave Bridget a red token, leaving her wondering whether she received a rose because he wanted her to stop gossiping about Pasha or because there’s a sincere connection between them.

During the train ride, marketing guru Daniella Thibault showed Marc a more relaxed and softer side to her. She also told Marc to eliminate her if he doesn’t see a future with her and he did just that. It was the end of the road for Daniella when she didn’t receive the rose at the end of the episode – although she clearly would’ve liked to get this message on the train rather to be strung along until the rose ceremony.

Laying it all on the line

For the first time at a rose ceremony, Daniella was shocked when her name wasn’t called out as Marc reassured her that there was a mutual connection while they were on the train. “I was confident walking into the ceremony. Each week, I’d hum Rihanna’s song What’s My Name to keep my nerves down, but not in my last week on The Bachelor. I was certain from my conversation with Marc that I was going to stay longer. To be honest, I was stunned when I left,” explains the 25-year-old who has a childlike quality to herself.

Although Daniella and Marc’s time was cut short, she appreciates their moments together, especially their train ride where she revealed her past toxic relationship. “I needed him to understand who I am and what I’ve been through. I wear my heart on my sleeve and if I was going to fall for Marc, I needed him to be on the same page,” explains Daniella of her discussion with Marc. “I was already starting to take a liking to Marc. What I like about him is that after every rose ceremony, he’d get emotional to see the girls leave. I wish him the best and I hope that he finds love.”

For Daniella, being on The Bachelor SA was an opportunity for mental and emotional growth. “I truly appreciate my time on the show,” says Daniella. “When I first arrived at the mansion, I was a ball of nerves as there were 21 gorgeous women around me. I’d compare myself to the other ladies, but as time went on I grew to be confident in my own skin and embraced my awkward nature. I grew on the show and I wouldn’t change the experience for anything,” explains Daniella, who is still single and on a journey of self-love.

One question left after the episode though, is what was in the letter that Jess R slipped Marc during the previous elimination round? Apparently, it’s too personal to discuss on camera…

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