Recap: The Single Wives SA S1 E12

The divorcees are back to give the coaches an update on their love lives in The Single Wives SA season 1 finale

The first season of The Single Wives SA came to an end on Thursday, 19 November on M-Net (DStv 101) at 19:30. The 6 ladies sat down with their dating coaches, Mapaseka Mokwele and Justin Cohen, for the last time to reveal their relationship statuses. If you’re reading this recap while standing, grab a chair! There were plenty of changes while the cameras were away, and the ladies are spilling all the tea on their love lives.

If there’s one thing we’ve come to learn about the Single Wives, it’s that nothing remains constant. One minute a couple are rock solid and they’re discussing marriage, the next they’re calling it quits following a misunderstanding. That’s the case in the finale. We find out that two fan-favourite couples, who were on the same page throughout the season, have gone their separate ways. Nevertheless, the episode ends on a high note - a wedding proposal that no one saw coming!

There’s plenty to unpack, so let’s get into it. And don’t forget to watch the action unfold on Catch Up.

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The coaches haven’t seen the ladies since they moved out of the mansion and returned home in last week’s episode (which is about a month or two in real time). Like proud parents that have sent their kids into the world, Mapaseka and Justin are thrilled to learn that the ladies have all grown from the Single Wives experience. During their six-week journey to self-discovery and finding love, the ladies dealt of the issues from their past marriages, and they’ve gained immense self-confidence.

“We wanted the Single Wives to walk out of here understanding who they are. Our aim was for the ladies to love themselves more and love themselves enough to find [themselves worthy of] love,” explains Mapaseka. The ladies have returned to the mansion to answer the coaches’ question: Have they found love? We find out.

Helen’s lucky escape

First in the hot seat is Helen Zondo (50). Before appearing on the reality show, she hadn’t been on a date in 20 years, so it’s only to be expected that most times, she felt like a fish out of water. She went on a few dates that didn’t hit the mark, until she met shy-guy Charles. Helen was under the impression that they’d pursue a relationship after filming the reality show as he wasn’t comfortable dating her while the cameras were watching. But it turns out that after filming, he ghosted her. In hindsight, it seems Helen dodged a bullet.

Tori strikes a match

Next, it’s Tori Celliers (47) joining the coaches virtually. She begins by reflecting on her rollercoaster journey that began with falling for hunk Barthwell, who was 20 years her junior. Not so long after, Tori broke up with him, and it wasn’t until the last evening in the mansion that she met Dean, a family-orientated man who is on the same page as her. They share the same career goals and they get along well. It isn’t a surprise when they reveal that they’d like to continue dating.

Nikki’s putting herself first

It’s Nikki Nell’s (42) turn to speak to the coaches, and she walks in looking as radiant as ever. She discloses that she’s still single, despite going on multiple dates and chatting to a few men online. “I keep trying to tell myself that it’s not me. Why has this person rejected me, and what am I doing wrong? Well, it’s not always about me. I just haven’t found the right person,” explains Nikki.

Getting deep into the friendzone with Genevieve

Genevieve Stander (37), the caregiver of the group, is next to speak to Mapaseka and Justin. Like Tori, the meeting is virtual and she’s in her parents’ house in Nelspruit. If you recall, Genevieve reconnected with Geo, her teen fling in episode 7. They fell head-over-heels with each other, and they even revealed that they were in an exclusive relationship. But they’re singing a different tune in the finale: They announce that they’re no longer dating. They both agree that their relationship lacked excitement and spark, so they’re remaining friends instead.

Angel throwing in the towel

It’s Angel Pather’s (38) turn to sit down with the coaches, and she isn’t holding back on her failed relationship with Sankar. The pair instantly hit it off in the first episode. Angel got side-tracked and went on a date with her old friend, Matt, but she eventually rekindled her romance with Sankar. However, after filming, something went off the rails and he stopped communicating with her.

When asked whether she’d like to continue her relationship with Sankar, Angel was adamant. “Do I look like a clown? No!” insists Angel. By the time Sankar arrived to update the coaches on his relationship, Angel was over it. She gave him the cold shoulder and a side-eye. “Was it real or did you fake it all along?” asks Angel when she finally brings herself to talk to Sankar. As it stands, Angel is done with Sankar.

A wedding is on the card for Chantelle

Last to see the coaches is Chantelle Thrupp-Snow (33), who had the biggest transformation on the show. She walked into the mansion extremely insecure and attracted the wrong men who brought out the worst in her. Now, she’s glowing from within since she started dating her old pal, Marc. Unlike her past suitors, Marc respects Chantelle and never disregards her opinions or feelings.

This is probably a good time to mention Marc’s makeover. A complete turnaround.

Chantelle and Marc confirm that they’re still going strong. In a turn of events, Marc puts it out there that he’d like to marry Chantelle in the future, and she responds by saying, “Yes, Marc, I’ll marry you.” He isn’t on bended knee and there’s no ring. He is sitting beside her, talking to the judges. But we’ll take the gesture for what it is – a proposal. Hooray! Chantelle gets her fairy-tale ending.

Overall, the six ladies are content and they’re looking forward to their futures.

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