Recap: The Single Wives SA S1 E2

The ladies learn to let go of the past before they go on their first official dates in episode 2 of The Single Wives SA

The sky is clear and blue, the birds are chirping, and the 6 divorcees are coming down from their high following the previous night’s speed dating exercise with 40 eligible bachelors in episode 2 of The Single Wives SA.

It’s only been a few days since the ladies moved into the mansion, but they’ve already established a solid friendship. They exercise, cook and have their morning coffee together. When cast member Genevieve Stander (37) said living with 5 other women was going to be “a pyjama party every night”, she wasn’t joking. There’s no sign of negative or shady behaviour. Like a group of teens gushing over their crushes, the Single Wives share details of the men that they connected with at the speed dating session.

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They can’t wait to take these men out on actual dates later in the week, but before that, coaches Mapaseka Mokwele and Justin Cohen arrive at the house to help them prepare for their big nights. There’ll be one activity after another, challenging the ladies to step out of their comfort zones and give them a confidence boost. By the time the coaches are done with them, the divorcees will be ready to take on these dates with flying colours. Well, that’s except for one lady. She’ll sabotage what was meant to be an easy-going afternoon at the riverside. Yes, we’re looking at you, Nikki Nell (42). Take the naughty corner.

Getting back out there

The coaches begin the chain of activities with a texting exercise. The ladies are told to send their suitors an SMS, inviting them on dates. “We want texts to convey the same [level of] intelligence, playfulness, spontaneity as they would if we were speaking,” says Justin. The ladies are encouraged to go all-out and send those smiley face, heart eyes and blushing emojis. The exercise is to get them to lighten up and be in control before their dates.

Next, it’s a test with relationship, divorce and trauma coach Leah Sefor. The task seems easy at first. The divorcees write negative beliefs about themselves, that they carried from their past marriage, on a brick and place those blocks into a bag. Angel Pather (38) took half of those bricks and threw them into her bag because her marriage was that bad. In a twist of events, Leah calls in a stand-in actor and the ladies are dared to race to him, dragging their baggage – the first one to him wins the man.

Chantelle won the contest. Angel’s load was so heavy that she struggled to get to the finish line until Leah approached her and told her to leave the bag. None of these ladies need to carry their past hurt into new relationships. They should move past it so that they can allow love into their lives again.

The last activity for the day is the ladies creating what the coaches call a love list. The divorcees jot down the list of qualities that they’re looking for in a man. It will be their dating guideline while they’re on the show. To top it off, they stick their love list on the chandelier in the reception area to remind the ladies to stick to their requirements and never settle for “just any man”. Let’s check in with the Single Wives’ dates…



Genevieve is the first to go on a date, with her beau, Ruben. There was an instant attraction between them when they met at speed dating. She goes all-out for the date. She curls her hair, wears a beautiful floral dress, and even brings out an oversized necklace. And guess what? Ruben arrives wearing a pair of shorts and flipflops. There was clearly miscommunication while they were texting because they look like they’re off to two different dates. Anyway, they go on a cute picnic and they lie in a hammock and chat the evening away.

Genevieve opens up about a dark period in her life, when she struggled with alcoholism after her heart-breaking divorce and an even more bitter break-up with an ex who cheated on her. We all agree with Genevieve, Ruben is a good guy. But is there a spark?



The coaches voice their concerns about Helen Zondo (50), whose marriage ended badly 20 years ago. She hasn’t gone on any dates in 20 years as she’s afraid to open up. Mapaseka pulls her aside and they have an honest chat about Helen beginning a healing process. Helen is still in her shell, which is understandable. When she’s asked what it’s going to take to get her to open up and let a man in, she says a knight in shining armour. But Mapaseka brings something to Helen’s attention: Helen is her own hero. She rescued herself and her daughter from her abusive ex. She doesn’t need superman to save her. She is enough as she is.

After the tough conversation, Helen seems like weight has been lifted from her shoulders. She’s ready for her date with comedian Q. Remember him from the first episode? He’s the only man in the room who was wearing a fedora hat and said that he was looking for anything at this point in his life, “She just has to have teeth and legs.” His words, not ours. Their date is exactly what Helen needed. They get a relaxing massage at a spa, and Q makes her laugh until her stomach hurts. Will they go on a second date? Watch the episode now on Catch Up to find out.



Dreams do come true. Tori Celliers (47) goes on a date with tall, dark and handsome Barthwell. They look good together, and he gets a bonus for bringing flowers on their date. This man is straight out of a rom-com movie. When it starts raining on their date, he carries Tori into the cottage where they’ll be having dinner. Everything is going well until he tells her that he is 27. Tori’s jaw drops. The 20-year age difference is unsettling. She isn’t keen on being a cougar anytime soon, so we’ll keep an eye on this budding romance.



Chantelle Thrupp-Snow (33) goes on a date with Verner. He’s charming, soft-spoken and warm. His personality will complement Chantelle, who compares herself to a tornado. “They say I take over and leave the drama behind.” We can’t help but be a little terrified for Verner. Can he handle the storm? Their date seems to be going very well, but there’s one thing that could be a dealbreaker: he wants kids and she doesn’t want any more kids.



Angel has been looking forward to her date with Sankar from Sri Lanka. There’s something special going on here. On a scale of 1 to 10, Angel and Sankar’s chemistry is on a 12. We are certain that these two will be seeing each other again. There were no concerns or red flags during the date, so we’re our crossing fingers that this works out.



As much as Nikki Nell (42) is assertive, intelligent and well-spoken, she really messes up her date. There’s no way to get around this. She repeatedly takes subtle jabs at her date Wesley – it is uncomfortable to watch. “How old did you say you are, again? 27, so much of grey [hair]?” says Nikki. Ouch! Watch the episode now to find out how Wesley reacted.

Next week, the ladies will be in the hot seat as the coaches will scrutinise their dates. Tensions will rise, and Justin will call out Nikki’s actions, leading to tears flowing.

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