Rose-Lee shuffled out

Shock tribal shuffle leaves Rose-Lee outnumbered as she becomes the fourth outcast to have her torch snuffed out on Survivor SA

Viewers knew after episode three that a tribe reshuffle was imminent, but the remaining castaways were stunned when they showed up for what was supposed to be another immunity challenge, only to be told to drop their buffs as Nico proceeded to explain the process of the swap. Allocated random new tribes, old alliances were ripped apart (no more Amigos!) and former outcasts found new hope (we’re definitely looking at you, Tania). But original Laumei members Rose-Lee and Durāo found themselves outnumbered and knew that one of them would almost certainly be picked off if they had to go to Tribal Council.

Rose-Lee on what she should have done differently

When the new Laumei proceeded to lose out at the combined reward and immunity challenge, Rose-Lee and Durāo scrambled and tried to pull the wool over their tribemates’ eyes by fashioning a make-believe immunity idol. What they didn’t know was that the wily Jacques had already acquired the real idol. Their hopes dashed, and with the numbers against them, it was Rose-Lee who was seen as the weakest of the two, and she became the fourth castaway booted off the island.

We caught up with Rose-Lee after episode four aired to catch up on her thoughts since being voted off and find out a bit more about her Survivor experience.

What is the one TV show you had to binge-watch or catch up on when you got back?

I was so excited about South Africa's first season of The Bachelor, so that was my binge-watching pleasure when I got home.

How have the past 24 hours since the show of your exit been for you? Have you been Googling your name to see what people are saying?

Guilty. It's pretty darn awesome to be making an official appearance on Wikipedia!

Is there one website that you would have given anything to have access to while on the island?

Copingintherainandcold dot com! I was prepared for several things like hunger, exhaustion, backstabbing and discomfort. Being cold and wet in the same sopping clothes for 8 days was not one of them! If there isn't a website like this then someone urgently needs to make one!

If you could have taken music to listen to on the island, what would it have been?

Can I pick a podcast instead? Because I'm only slightly obsessed with the Crime Junkie episodes! Otherwise Bruno Mars is my boy and would have helped me forget about the incessant rain (except for that one song of his).

What unexpected event or development was in store for you on your return?

My mom's dementia deteriorated quite badly while I was gone. A very nasty surprise to come back to.

Is there one person that you think is going to go all the way in this season’s Survivor?

I love Rob's vibe. He's so 'zen' and despite his obvious physical capabilities he appears to have his mind properly in the game thanks to his seemingly holistic approach.

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