School of Laughter 2020 Highlights

The new decade is upon us and while it’s not back to school just yet, we’ve found the most entertaining shows for kids with hours of school of laughter fun!


For the fearless

Anne is a fearlessly independent teen who’s just stumbled upon a magical device that’s taken her to a marshland of frog people. With her outgoing personality, she befriends Sprig Plantar (a frog) and the whole unhinged Plantar family. Sprig and Anne soon realise they share more similarities even though they’re so physically different, and a budding kinship develops that surprises everyone. This animated series is based on executive producer Matt Braly’s heritage and family trips to Bangkok during his childhood.

Amphibia S1 starts on Monday 20 January on Disney Channel (303) at 16:10


There is a child in every one of us

They’re back! And the stakes are higher as the Muppet Babies get up to all kinds of shenanigans in their nursery. Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Animal and the rest of the crew, prove that the playful child in all of us grown-ups never dies. This season kicks off with the Muppet babies pretending to be superheroes.

Muppet Babies S2 starts on Monday 6 January on Disney Junior (309) at 16:30


There’s nothing like brotherly love

Where there’s Phineas you’ll find Ferb, both knee-deep in some mischievous act they shouldn’t be doing, and both doing their best to annoy their oldest sister Candace who’s always telling on her younger brothers. Ah, we all have a Candace in our lives, or are we the Candace?

Phineas and Ferb plays on Wednesday all day on 1 January on Disney XD (304)


Lend a helping hand

Any time you take a stroll down the streets of Broomstown, you’re guaranteed to feel safe – what with all the police, fire and rescue personnel that’s always visible and are always ready to help others. This animation teaches kids how to deal with crises, traffic safety rules and general social civic duty.

Robocar Poli Traffic Safety every day on JimJam (310) at 16:00

Man’s best friend to the rescue

Based on the kids’ game Space Dog, Pat the Dog follows the adventures of a family dog that would do just about anything to get his owner Lola out of trouble. But Pat is no ordinary dog as he uses his smarts and brilliance on his missions to save Lola – some of which involve super scary danger!

Watch Pat the Dog on Showmax

Emerald City

The classic Wizard of Oz tale has been reworked for little audiences in the kids’ series, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. The story follows Dorothy after she defeats the evil witch and is then made princess of Emerald City by Queen Ozma. Follow Dorothy, Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man as they navigate through the kingdom helping residents with love, cooking and magic!

Watch Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz on Showmax

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