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Mystery, mischief and loads of fun await the kids - and the rest of the family, too - on DStv’s School of Laughter.

Whether it’s fighting the bad guys or catching monsters, this week’s selection of the best School of Laughter programming will keep the kids (and you!) entertained.

Get those recordings ready, here are our top picks:

Siblings Jan and Dean are stoked to stay with their uncle Woody for the summer holidays, but instead of an endless summer of surfing, they’re in for a “monstrous” surprise in Monster Beach on Cartoon Network (DStv channel 301).

Over on Nickelodeon (DStv channel 305), Captain Man and Schwoz decide it’s time for a new league of superheroes in Danger Force. They recruit four gifted kids to help fight crime – with hilarious results.

The entire family can tune in on M-Net (DStv channel 101) for Patrick the Pug, a pug-tastically adorable film! When a teacher inherits her grandmother’s beloved pug, she gets a lot more than she bargained for.

NickJr (DStv channel 307) is ready to keep the little ones entertained while teaching them valuable life lessons in Barbapapa, while Steve and Blue hunt down clues in Blue’s Clues on NickToons (DStv channel 308).

There’s no shortage of fun on DStv’s School of Laughter – click here for even more great shows.


Patrick The Pug (Family Comedy)

A teacher's life is turned upside down when she inherits her dead grandmother's beloved pug. Patrickmay be small, but he sure has the ability to make her life adventurous and entertaining.

Saturday, 10 April on M-Net (DStv channel 101) at 15:55

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Monster Beach S1

Surfers and siblings Jan and Dean are stoked to stay with their uncle Woody for the summer holidays, but soon find out that their summer plans are not what they expected. Instead of a tropical island summer adventure, they get thrilling monster hunts. Join Jan and Dean as they make mischievous monster friends while trying to keep the bad guys from ruining their endless summer fun.

Weekdays from Monday, 12 April on Cartoon Network (DStv channel 301) at 17:25

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Danger Force S1

Captain Man has created a new crew of superhero sidekicks: Danger Force. Captain Man and Schwoz create a fake school to train the kids to harness their superpowers to fight crime. A slight catch in their plan is that the kids have no idea how to control their powers.

Saturday, 10 April on Nickelodeon (DStv channel 305) at 18:00

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The barbapapas build an aviary to protect sick birds. When the barbapapas see a beach covered with litter, they decide to clean it up.

Tuesday, 13 April on NickJr (DStv channel 307) at 11:13

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Blues Clues S6

A great show to encourage active participation and learning in preschoolers. Join Steve and his animated puppy Blue as they find three clues around their house – and ask you to help figure them out.

Tuesday, 13 April on NickToons (DStv channel 308) at 08:05

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