Share your Lockdown Anniversary Mood with DStv

It’s our Lockdown Anniversary and wow, is that a mixed mood! Show us how you really feel using the Snapchat predictor lens and #DStvIsaMood

Well, “My fellow South Africans” - Friday, 26 March marked the 1-year anniversary of our country going into lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19.

It has been a phenomenally strange experience adjusting to this “new normal”. We’re feeling a little differently about #Levels. Masks were added to your monthly grocery list, your colleagues are ecstatic when your cat pops into your virtual work meetings, and you, a working business professional, are not doing so great in Grade 5. Sorry, kids.

But when someone asks if you’ve finally watched that show they recommended to you, the answer is… well, actually yes. For real, this time. You probably have, because nothing has kept us going in 2020-2021 more than a little escape with the TV. And #DStvIsaMood!

Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, we’d like to celebrate the silly side of your Lockdown Anniversary by sharing your Big Mood and helping you to find your next feel-good show.

Think about which show was your Lockdown buddy, and how it made you feel. Then try out the DStv Predictor Lens on Snapchat, tell it what mood you want to be in, and it could guide you to your next favourite show.

Found “the 1”? Tell us about your now and then shows, using #DStvIsaMood

Share your Mood

  • Download the Snapchat app if you haven’t already
  • Try out the DStv Predictor Lens on Snapchat and find the perfect show to match your mood
  • Save it, share it and tag DStv on your socials with your result
  • Keep an eye on #DStvIsaMood throughout April as celebs, influencers and all-round fun people update us on what their Big Mood is.

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Wow, remember 2020?

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