Saturdays on kykNET (DStv channel 144) at 18:30
Saturdays on kykNET (DStv channel 144) at 18:30

Shari Kennedy travels South Africa in Hokaai, My Meisie

Walking with elephants, sipping wine and meeting interesting people – It’s all on the map in kykNET (DStv channel 144) travel series Hokaai, My Meisie

kykNET (DStv channel 144) viewers love a lifestyle show and if you can combine sightseeing, food and meeting interesting people all at once, so much the better. Shows like Leef Jou Reis Met Gerrie Pretorius draw in viewers who love how Gerrie shows us wonderful destinations locally and internationally.

In Hokaai, My Meisie, a brand-new lifestyle series, Saturdays at 18:30 on kykNET (DStv channel 144), we get another dose of adventure with presenter Shari Kennedy. Shari travels to interesting places in our fine country, rubbing shoulders with some unique individuals and famous faces.

“Gerrie’s programme is insightful and a lekker travel series,” says Shari. “Of course, I would like that Hokaai, My Meisie will also 1 day enjoy the popularity that Gerrie’s series has, but I also feel that Hokaai is unique in its approach to lifestyle, travel, activities and especially the cultures and interesting characters that we put under the spotlight.”

As a newcomer to the world of TV and presenting, Shari seems to have landed on her feet. Since the first episode kicked off in April (check it out on Catch Up), she has impressed viewers with her informal and adventurous presenting style as she chatted with breezy confidence to internationally acclaimed Afrikaans rappers Jack Parow and Gazelle at the Cheetah Plains Game Reserve in Limpopo where the pair were shooting a music video – as well as motorcycling among a pride of lions!


Gazelle and Jack Parow busy shooting their music video in the first episode of Hokaai, My Meisie.

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The story behind the name

The title “Hokaai, My Meisie” comes from Shari herself. They are words she uses frequently. “The producer of the series, Danielle McDonald, and her hubby, visited me and my family last year while they were busy working on a documentary about South Africa’s heritage sites,” explains Shari. “And there Danielle heard me use the words ‘hokaai’ and ‘my meisie’ regularly.” Shortly after the visit, Danielle came up with the concept for Hokaai, My Meisie and approached Shari to be the face of the show. “And when she gave me the name of the series, I burst out laughing, because those are the three words I use a lot,” says a chuckling Shari.

Immerse yourself

In each episode of this 13-part series, Shari travels to a different area in South Africa – from Matjiesfontein in the Karoo, to the Tsitsikamma National Park in the Garden Route, where she spends time with interesting characters. “Immersing myself in the cultures is especially important to me,” says Shari. This enables the presenter to understand their way of life and how they fit into the famous rainbow nation, while at the same time introducing the culture to the viewer.

Shari admits that she didn’t realise what gems were waiting on South Africa’s front porch until this show was made. “The secret is to get off the main road and explore the small towns and backroads,” she says enthusiastically. “I pushed myself to my limits and met the nicest people, from singers and actors, to wine makers, conservationists and locals who are making such an impact in our society. And I cannot wait to share it all with the viewers in Hokaai, My Meisie,” Shari adds.


Shari samples some sweet wine in episode 3 of Hokaai, My Meisie.

Behind the camera

When Shari isn’t in front of the cameras, she is busy with interior design projects – a passion for her. “And then I also pay attention to my 3 sons, who see me as their full-time personal assistant,” she jokes.

If all goes well, we might see Shari touring Namibia and Botswana with Hokaai, My Meisie in a second and third season, but she says she can’t confirm anything at the moment. Shari may be new to the entertainment industry, but we foresee great things with her strong personality and we cannot wait to see what’s next!

Watch Hokaai, My Meisie S1 Saturdays on kykNET (DStv channel 144) at 18:30

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