Shark Fest is back and we’re going to need a bigger boat!

With a whole month of exciting shark-infested viewing lined up on NatGeo Wild, Shark Fest is bigger and meatier than ever.

One of the most fascinating yet widely feared ocean-dwellers is in the spotlight in NatGeo Wild’s eighth annual Shark Fest on DStv this July. Whether you’re an devoted selachimorphaphile - that’s shark enthusiast to you and me - passionate environmentalist, or just plain fascinated, this selection of gripping and revealing documentaries will have you going off the deep end into the underwater world of these apex ocean predators.

When Sharks Attack double bill starts Saturday 6 July on NatGeo Wild (182) at 18:00

From America’s vast coastline to beautiful beaches around the world, shark attacks turn a day at the beach into a living nightmare. Experts are concerned about the slight but steady increase in these horrific incidents and When Sharks Attack investigates each traumatic incident in an attempt to determine when, where and why shark encounters happen.

Cannibal Sharks starts Sunday 7 July on NatGeo Wild (182) at 18:00

Turns out, cannibalism is quite common in nature. From the aptly named cookie cutter shark that literally takes a bite out of live great whites up to five times its own size, to voracious sand tiger pups making a meal of their siblings before even being born, prepare to see sharks like you’ve never seen them before!

Eyewitness: Shark Attack starts Sunday 7 July on NatGeo Wild (182) at 21:06

Experts weigh in on truly frightening - yet highly informative - video footage of terrifying encounters between sharks and humans, trying to gather crucial information on the motivation behind devastating attacks. From a great white making a threatening dive at a researcher, to a cage diver trapped underwater by a thrashing shark wedged in the cage’s bars, these menacing confrontations are truly terrifying.

Shark Kill Zone starts Sunday 14 July on NatGeo Wild (182) at 20:07

Millions of years of evolution have turned sharks into the ultimate ocean hunter. In this series, the unique hunting methods of different sharks are examined and analysed, and biologists take a look at the surprisingly cunning ways in which they’ve managed to overcome obstacles when pursuing their prey.

Man vs Shark starts Sunday 21 July on NatGeo Wild (182) at 18:00

Former marine biologist-turned-shark-suit-designer Jeremiah Sullivan radically changed the landscape of shark studies when he started designing revolutionary protective diving suits made of chain mail. In Man vs Shark he puts his own designs to the test, ditches the cage and actively tries to get bitten by hammerheads and tiger sharks, measuring bite force and his armour’s ability to withstand an attack.

Operation Sharklift starts Sunday 28 July on NatGeo Wild (182) at 18:00

When scientists detect an alarming influx of bull sharks in the bustling harbour of tropical paradise Noumea in the South Pacific, they devise a radical plan to safeguard both humans and sharks alike. New Caledonian scientist Dr Laurent Vigliola recruits Australian shark scientist Dr Will Robbins and together they catch, crane-lift, and relocate several bull sharks to a distant and pristine coral reef. Will the sharks adapt to their new surroundings, or will it all have been in vain?

Great Shark Chow Down starts on Sunday 28 July on NatGeo Wild (182) at 19:00

The term “feeding frenzy”, doesn’t even come close to describing these extraordinary shark feeding events. Watch the awe-inspiring sight of 700 grey reef sharks feeding at night, or 200 blue sharks devouring the carcass of a seven-ton whale - the Great Shark Chow Down is nothing short of a shark action extravaganza.

Don’t miss this chance to get up-close and personal with these magnificent creatures on NatGeo Wild’s Shark Fest.