How to watch DStv when #ShedHappens

Keep your downloads up to date on the DStv app, and you’ll be ready for viewing time when the lights go out. With laugh out loud shows like Avenue 5 and Come Dine With Me SA, loadshedding can’t stop the party

No lights, no power, no Wi-Fi, no internet…?

Loadshedding doesn’t have to ruin your evening. With the DStv app, you can squirrel away your favourite series for when times get dark. And instead of a cold tin of beans by candlelight, you could be all snuggled up together and laughing together as a family. All you need is the DStv app on your smartphone or tablet, and a little preparation…

The DStv App (available via the Apple or Android app stores) allows you to download up to 25 DStv series items on your device, and keep them stored on your smart device for those days when the lights go out. This includes movies, sport highlights, documentaries, kids shows and episodes of your favourite series. Everything you need to stay entertained – even in the middle of a power outage – is waiting for you on the DStv app.

Simply download your favourite titles when you’re connected to Wi-Fi hotspots, then watch them offline later. You'll be sorted when #ShedHappens.

Note: Downloading to a laptop is not available. 

Stream DStv

How to download DStv shows to your phone or tablet

If you haven’t already, go online and register for DStv streaming.

Next: download the DStv app to your smartphone or tablet.

Open the app on your device, log in and go to Menu > Catch Up.

Select the movies or series you’d like to download and tap the cloud-shaped Download icon.

When you download, choose between 4 download quality options: Highest, High, Medium and Low. You will be shown how much data and storage space you need, based on the option you choose (If the icon has a cross through it, it means that show can’t be downloaded).

You can download up to 25 items to your device. This includes movies, sports highlights, documentaries, kids shows and episodes of your favourite series.

To see what you’ve downloaded, go back to Menu > Downloads. You’ll also be able to see which downloads are still in progress.

Check the expiry date of the item you are downloading. Some movies or episodes expire sooner, while others remain on the DStv playlist for quite some time.

Once you press “play”, you need to watch that movie or episode within 48 hours.

Tips for downloading to your DStv app

Make space on your phone or tablet by deleting old or duplicate photos, clearing old WhatsApp chats and uninstalling apps you haven’t used in a long time.

Choose “Low” when you download movies or episodes from DStv to your phone or tablet, that way it takes up less space on your device.

Remember, as well as grabbing the latest episodes of your favourite series, you can also download full seasons of DStv’s hottest shows as Box Sets. Check out what’s on offer this May

Box Sets

Mother’s Day, 9 May


Call Your Mother

Sunday, 9 May is Mother’s Day and comedians including Awkwafina, Jimmy Carr, Jim Gaffigan, Yvonne Orji, and Roy Wood Jr., are rolling out that mom comedy. They’ll talk about how their own moms have shaped their work and those special, ridiculous “mom things” that they remember. We’ll find out what the moms thought when their kids told them that they wanted to make a living from comedy, and some comedians even bring mom herself along so we can meet her in person. Like the best comedy, it’s done with love.

Watch on Sunday, 9 May on Comedy Central (DStv channel 122) at 22:00 

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Take a sneak peek!

Avenue 5 S1

Fans of The Orville and sci-fi comedy in general, prepare to blast off into space aboard interplanetary cruise ship the Avenue 5, with inept Captain Ryan Clark (Hugh Laurie) and the ship’s billionaire owner, Herman Judd (Josh Gad). There’s been a technical mishap and now the ship is on an estimated 3-year journey back to Earth, with a dead chief engineer, and only enough supplies aboard for their planned 8-week cruise. The series is created by Armando Iannucci (Veep, I’m Alan Partridge, The Day Today).

Watch from Friday, 14 May on M-Net (DStv channel 101) at 22:30 

Watch M-Net  Watch Avenue 5

The Unicorn S2

At the end of S1, eligible widower Wade (Walton Goggins) met a woman at the cemetery while putting flowers on his late wife's grave. Now he can’t stop thinking about her, which worries his friends. But Shannon (Natalie Zea) has been obsessing too, and they explore the complexities of fitting dating into their lives and introducing each other to their friends. Meanwhile, Wade’s daughter, Grace, battles to fit in at her new high school, and her sister, Natalie, is growing up and pushing boundaries.

Watch from Saturday, 15 May on M-Net (DStv channel 101) at 18:00 

Watch M-Net Watch The Unicorn

The Conners S3

At the end of S2, Becky married Emilio, but he returned to the US from Mexico illegally, and Dan was in danger of losing the Conner family home after falling behind on bank payments. S2 begins with the Conners in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and Emilio hiding from ICE as he works in the Lunch Box kitchen. Dan is served an eviction notice, Darlene and Ben hit financial hard times, and all sorts of family secrets and revelations come out in these turbulent times.

Watch from Saturday, 1 May on M-Net (DStv channel 101) at 18:30 

Watch M-Net  Watch The Conners

Extinction: Going, Going, Gone

Earth is entering a period of mass extinctions (the 6th in our planet’s history) that’s affecting everything from insects, to birds, to whales. This new documentary celebrates the diversity of life on our planet, and the strangeness and beauty of its animals, and it explores the lifestyles and habitats that these animals need to survive. Part of Curiosity's Wildlife Wednesdays, this show is a solid introduction to the concept of extinction that will support children’s classroom education on the topic, while giving adults something to think about.

Watch on Wednesday, 26 May on Curiosity Channel (DStv channel 185) at 20:00 

Watch Curiosity Channel

In Die Sop S1

Chef and restaurateur Bertus Basson’s route to the top hasn’t been a straight line. In this reality series, he’s hoping to pass on the hard lessons that he's learnt from his missteps and dead-ends to other restaurant owners who’re suffering through the pandemic. Bertus and his team are on hand to help turn things around for struggling businesses, from food trucks, to haute cuisine or family restaurants. Hard work and long hours are not enough to make it in this industry, you need to steer in the right direction, too.

Watch from Wednesday, 12 May on kykNET (DStv channel 144) at 20:00 

Watch kykNET  Read more

See it on Catch Up Now

Right from the start of May, some content, including series trailers, will already be on Catch Up. You can get a sneak peek of Michael Chiklis’s new action drama series, Coyote, new seasons of comedies like The Neighborhood, Black-ish, Bob Hearts Abishola, and Superstore, the return of Ellen’s Game of Games, and so much more…

Read about Catch Up

Welcome to the kitchen

Stuck at home thanks to travel bans, loadshedding and the budget? These series will prove that there’s plenty of drama to be found in your own kitchen! From The Great British Bake Off to Come Dine With Me SA, to the return of beloved TV chef Ainsley Harriott, DStv has gathered all the ingredients for a fun night in.

And brand-new series…

More new shows on tVN

A loadshedding pause is the perfect time to get into something new. And May introduces 6 intriguing new Korean TV series, ranging from historical drama The Crowned Clown, to Flower of Evil, and stories with supernatural twists like The Bride of Habaek and Tunnel.


Goldie’s Oldies S1

In this live action series, 14-year-old Goldie, her mom, Sherri, and big brother, Danny, move from the US to the UK to go live with her Grandpa Maury and his 3 70-something, housemates: Grumpy social media influencer Terrance, gardening guru and hippie Rainbow, and feisty Esther, who could be a retired spy. They’re all totally bonkers. But it’s Esther’s dreamy grandson, Shawn, who really gets her heart beating and Goldie makes a brilliant new friend when she meets the girl next door, Loren, who’s an inventor.

Watch from Monday, 24 May on Nickelodeon (DStv channel 305) at 18:30

Watch Nickelodeon


Raven's Home S4

Twins Booker, Nia and their best friend, Tess, are setting off for high school for the first time, leaving Levi behind in middle school. Meanwhile, Raven and Chelsea have their hands full running Your Best-Dressed Life, their growing life coaching and fashion business. This season, someone uses Nia’s photo as their own social media avatar, the kids want to plan a surprise for Raven’s birthday (good luck keeping secrets around Raven), and Booker and Nia try to land work as assistants to raise cash for their fun summer plans.

Watch from Monday, 10 May on Disney Channel (DStv channel 303) at 17:00 

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Ready, Set, Dance S1

Tiny kids can start the day with the Nick Jr dance crew. There are animated hosts in the form of mascots Twirl and Freeze, but the real instructors are a group of enthusiastic young teens who’ll teach them to dance with fun music and bright colours. Along with learning real dance moves 1 step at a time from a variety of different genres, pre-schoolers will also be encouraged to hop and skip about, shake off that energy, and gain physical confidence at home with the TV.

Watch from Monday, 17 May on Nickelodeon (DStv channel 305) at 05:10

Watch Nickelodeon


The Casagrandes S2

The Casagrandes centres on Ronnie Anne, an independent, adventurous, 11-year-old who explores city life with her big, loving, multigenerational Mexican-American family. This season, Carl gets caught up in the world of reviewing kids’ toys, the kids try to last out the night in a supposedly haunted cemetery, Ronnie Anne and Sid help Casey run his family food truck, the Casagrandes find a treasure map, and Ronnie Anne goes on an anti-Cupid mission after she finds out that her dad is dating her teacher.

Watch from Saturday, 1 May on Nickelodeon (DStv channel 305) at 15:15

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Deer Squad S1

Deer friends Kai, Lola, Rammy and Bobbi band together to defend Central Forest and all the inhabitants of futuristic Platinum City, which surrounds their forest home (think Central Park and New York). Alone they are ordinary deer, but together, they’re able to harness elemental powers -- Water (Kai), Wood (Lola), Earth (Bobbi) and Sun (Rammy) – to defeat foes like dastardly Sir Steal, a villain who does things like kidnaping all the bees in the park, or allowing his blimp to run amok in the city during a parade.

Watch from Monday, 17 May on Nick Jr (DStv channel 307) at 16:40

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