Wednesdays on HONEY (DStv channel 173)
Wednesdays on HONEY (DStv channel 173)

Shine Shine – a new Pan-African makeover show reminding you to let your inner glow shine

HONEY (DStv channel 173) presents a brand-new Pan-African makeover reality series called Shine Shine that puts lucky guests in touch with their inner glow.

HONEY (DStv channel 173) presents a brand-new Pan-African makeover reality series called Shine Shine that puts lucky guests in touch with their inner glow. Shine Shine will have one guest every week who was nominated by a loved one to receive a full day of pampering and a new look, just to remind them that they are special and amazing.

Rethabile Ramaphakela, creative director of Burnt Onion Productions and executive producer of Shine Shine, says what is exciting about the show is that “we are yet to see a makeover show from an African standpoint. So it is not just South Africans on the show. We also have Africans from across the continent who live in South Africa.’’

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Rethabile answered some questions about the show.

Who are the presenters for the show and why did you choose them?

Television personality Mbali Nkosi will host the show. She is an entrepreneur in the beauty and fashion space, with her own beauty brand, and her Instagram is always on fire. Mbali has a warm and bubbly personality while being empathetic and considerate. It was a no-brainer to bring her onto the show.

How did the show come about? 

We liked the idea of giving people makeovers, especially coming out of lockdown. We have had some great responses from people whom the show helped to see themselves in a different light. Everyone deserves a pick-me-up every now and again, and that is what the aim of the show has been, especially after the hard year that was 2020.

Will guests be treated with a complete wardrobe makeover or is it just a one-day event? 

It is a one-day situation. So the idea is that someone nominates someone else because perhaps they just need “a day off to remember who they are”. That is when we invite them to come through to the Shine Shine studios and get spoilt.

Which fashion and grooming experts can we expect on the show?

Lindani Ndwandwa is doing our styling. Lindani is a South African fashion designer and trusted celebrity stylist. He will be guiding the guests through different outfits on the show – sometimes even going in the opposite direction from what they usually like. This is to challenge the guests to try new things. In terms of hair and make-up, Milani Studios will be sending in some of their representatives to work with our guest of the day.

What should viewers expect from the show?

A bit of everything. Lots of tears. Some people not loving their new look(s).  Some people going “OMG, what have you done?” and some saying “OMG, you’ve changed my life!”

How can viewers be guests on the show? 

For now, we have prepackaged the show but if we do get a season two or three, we will put details out about how to get involved.

Watch Shine Shine Wednesdays at 16:30 WAT, 17:30 CAT and 18:30 EAT on HONEY (DStv channel 173).

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