Sisterhood is the greatest good in Women’s Month on DStv

When it comes to inspiring women, we look up to our local celebs – but who’s guiding them this August?

August is Women’s Month in South Africa, and it’s not just women characters who’re stamping their authority on our smallscreens; the actresses playing them are revelling in their personal glory and empowerment as they bring their onscreen personas to life on DStv.

Here are 5 women who are flexing on your TV screens right now… and the women in their lives who made that possible for them. Because we never forget kindness – it’s what fuels our success.


Life With Kelly Khumalo: Kelly

When we asked Kelly to tell us about the one woman in her life who opened the door for her and changed her perception of what women can do, her thoughts immediately flew to her former manager.

“17 years ago, I met a woman named Sarah Shongwe, and this woman became so much in my life and taught me so much about being a woman and how we should treat each other as women,” says Kelly, who hosts lifestyle show Life With Kelly Khumalo on Showmax.

“She was my manager at the time, and she became a sister to me. I owe parts of the woman that I am today to her. She believed so much in authenticity, she believed so much in the truth. I remember one time when I was driving with her and we were just talking, artist to manager, one thing that she said to me was that stayed with me was, ‘Kelly, whatever happens in life, stay true to yourself. Always choose yourself, no matter what.’”

And while Kelly has had to overcome loads of public scrutiny and judgement, she’s stuck to her guns and come back time and again, proving that you cannot keep a great woman down.

Watch Life With Kelly Khumalo S1 from Thursday, 6 August on Showmax


Housekeepers: Thando Thabethe

Going undercover is no easy feat but it’s all in the name of revenge for Linda Ndlovu, played by Thando Thabethe, in S2 of gripping drama Housekeepers on Mzansi Magic (DStv 161).

The complex character is getting justice and going through great lengths to avenge her mother’s death. In reality, Thando would do anything for her own mom, who she dubs her hero, after she encouraged Thando to follow many career goals.

“My mom is a great support. She’s my pillar of strength. She’s been there for us – she’s raised my brother, younger sister and me on her own. She provided for us and encouraged me with my dream. I mean, she took me to auditions from when I was 13 until I turned 16 and I could catch a taxi and go by myself,” explains Thando.

Watch Housekeepers S2 Mondays on Mzansi Magic (DStv 161) at 20:00 or on Catch Up


Gomora: Katlego Danke

For Gomora, mother and daughterhood is a fraught issue. But in real life, nothing beats a mother’s love, warmth and nurturing spirit.

Actress Katlego Danke (widow Thathi on Gomora on Mzansi Magic), sings high praises for her own mother, her hero. In a heartfelt Instagram post to her mom, Katlego said, “From you I learned so much. In you I see so much of who I have become and so much of who I could only count myself blessed to become.”

Katlego has many blessings thanks to her mother’s insistence that she follow her dreams into acting – Kat is now heading up DStv’s number 1 soapie, as her character Thathi desperately tries to do what’s right for her kids, even if it means crossing lines for herself as an adult. It’s a hard choice to make when the lines are blurred, but knowing that she’s doing it for her kids spurs Thathi on to do whatever it takes.

Watch Gomora S1 weekdays on Mzansi Magic (DStv 161) at 19:30 or on Catch Up


Behind The Story: Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi is back bringing us Mzansi’s most anticipated celebrity interviews in Behind The Story on BET (DStv 135) this August. The actress and media personality sits down with South Africa's biggest names, and the theme of female empowerment is flowing strong with Pearl and her guests.  

“For me, the greatest inspiration has been the women close to my life, whether they’re here now or not. In fact, every woman on this continent and in the world – for me, women are role models. Like you, and every woman who gets to read this and watch the show – I hope they see a reflection of themselves, because most of them are heroes in different ways. Other than that, whenever I think of women like Meryl Streep (Mary Louise in Big Little Lies) and Viola Davis (Annalise in How To Get Away With Murder) and the possibility – even the idea – of meeting them, it makes me tear up. They have been a huge influence to me,” says Pearl.

Watch Behind the Story S4 this September on BET (DStv 135) 


Inconceivable: Carine Rous

While there are tons of people who revel in seeing someone fall from grace, the acting industry is filled with sisterly camaraderie.

Women want one another to climb and take on challenges in their careers, explains SAFTA-winning actress Carine Rous – she will be playing criminal lawyer-turned-baby snatcher Rachel Bishop in the brand-new local drama series Inconceivable in September on M-Net.

“One of my acting heroes is Sandra Prinsloo (Erfsondes in 2012, Hartland in 2011) – years ago, we worked together on the stage production of Fiela se Kind, and I learnt so much from her. It’s important for women to support and uplift each other, because that’s when the magic happens,” says Carine.

Apart from women who have made it big, Carine also states that women behind the scenes have supported her growth as an actress and have been her greatest influence, “My high school drama teacher, Janine Gyori, fanned into flame the passion I have for acting. Without her, I would never have auditioned for Pretoria Tech (now T.U.T) and studied drama full-time. I’m grateful for the time and love that she invested in me,” she adds.

Watch Inconceivable S1 from Thursday, 3 September on M-Net (DStv 101) at 20:00

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