So much laughter and suspense with these 16 shows

We’re tracking the Karoo, Japan and the KZN midlands in this week’s pick of sizzling homegrown shows.

Baard, Bos en Kos S2

Bearded duo, Chef John Hall and Meyer le Roux are back on our tv screens to cook up a storm in weird and wonderful places. Not only are they being highly competitive when it comes to their facial hair, but they challenge each other to cook gourmet dishes in exotic and unusual places like the bundus. Remove all the trimmings from your conventional kitchen and you have two cooking maestros who prove that any chef worth his salt can still deliver top-notch dishes.

Fridays on VIA (147) at 17:30

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Ifalakhe S1

While enjoying the company of Phikiwe (who happens to be the princess of the enemy tribe) in the forest, Ifalakhe innocently lets some valuable information slip. He’s then captured by the Khanya tribe. It’s a Montague vs. Capulet scenario with these two lovebirds. With Sthandwa Nzuza and Tu Nokwe.

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In Japan, Ja! S1

With the World Cup done and dusted and the boys back at home (with a shiny gold passenger they’ve fought very hard for), Vanes-Mari du Toit and Hamilton Wessels wrap up their Tokyo adventure and odyssey, experiencing everything left on their bucket list.

Saturdays on kykNET (144) at 18:30

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Trackers S1

Rhino poaching, diamond smuggling, a syndicate right in Bo-Kaap that leads to the far corners of the Northern Cape, and a criminal mastermind in Zimbabwe. The second episode continues with all-things espionage, crime and more! All of this intertwines in this thrilling series starring Jerry Mofokeng, Thapelo Mokoena and Sisanda Henna.

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Mzansi Bioskop Movie Festival

The legendary stories so many people grew up listening to will be brought to life in this incredible local movie festival. Passed from generation to generation, these mythical, supernatural stories have captivated and frightened listeners for decades – now you can watch them in your own living room. This week’s offering is Dana’s Deathday Party. When Dana’s parents decide to throw her an 18th birthday party, things don’t go as planned when Dana is killed by a truck. Her parents sell their home because it carries too many painful memories, but the new owners soon realise something strange is going on in the house.

From Sunday 3 November to Sunday 20 January on Mzansi Bioskop (164) at 19:00


It’s a whole session of the Amapiano genre. It’s a fusion of house music mixed with gqom and a dose of jazz, and of course, the harmonious sounds of the piano.

Saturday 9 November on MTV Base (322) at 11:00


Arendsvlei S2

The situation at the Lee-Matthews house is getting worse, with Chantel's new ultimatums. Wesley does the right thing, but the consequences of his actions leave his future unsure. Hazel and Gertie realise that they will have to expose Johnny.

Mondays on kykNET&kie (145) at 20:00

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Buddha In Africa

A Malawian teenager growing up in a Chinese Buddhist orphanage finds himself torn between his African roots and Chinese upbringing. With the end of school drawing closer, he has to make some hard decisions about his future.

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Fynskrif S2

Chris van Niekerk (7de Laan) is Ben Van Wyk, the now retired partner at the law firm Van Wyk and Partners. Legal drama isn’t the only thing the firm worries about, there is one personal issue that needs to be ironed out… Ben is retiring and handing over the reins to his prodigal son, and not to his daughter who’s been working at the firm for the past five years. Anne and Corne try to keep Nina out of jail, and Alex's life choices frustrate Lara.

Tuesday 12 November on kykNET (144) at 20:00


Tydelik Terminaal S1

Kittie struggles to cope with her physical transformation after being diagnosed with cancer. Things start heating up between Mandy (Eve Rasimeni) and Drikus, and Fanie tries to keep good spirits, even though he hates the internship. Also stars Frank Opperman as uncle Len Harrison.

Wednesday 13 November on kykNET (144) at 20:00


Huis Lelieveld S1

The spin-off to Ouboet en Wors created by Willie Esterhuizen, this comedy sees the old gang team up as employees of an old age home with Molly (Lizz Meiring) as the matron. After Spanner and Gielie (Wynand van Vollenstee) come to blow, Molly asks Wors to help the two get their stories straight for the official investigation.

Wednesday 13 November on kykNET (144) at 20:30


Boer Soek ‘n Vrou S12

Presenter Leah pays each of the farmers a visit before their guests arrive to find out how each of them prepared for the guest’s arrival. This dating show travels the length and breadth of our country to bring hardworking but lonely farmers a chance to also find someone special to share their lives with. Who said you couldn’t find love out in the farm?

Thursday 14 November on kykNET (144) at 20:00


Ons Boere, Ons Inspirasie S1

Right where the Namakwaland meets the Kalahari, the never-ending drought is felt the hardest by Hester Maasdorp, a farmer who believes so strongly in her profession and love of all that she’s defied all odds to achieve a successful farm while battling mother nature.

Thursday 14 November on kykNET (144) at 21:00


The Real Housewives of Johannesburg S2

With seven explosive personalities in the room, there’s bound to be a few shouting matches and throwing of drinks. They always throw drinks, don’t they? After the ladies took a trip to the Mother City, Brinnette and Christall are back to being frenemies. Mrs Mops gets back to acting, and did you know that Limpopo-born sassy Lethabo has her own charity foundation aimed at improving the lives of young girls who are less fortunate?

Friday 15 November on 1Magic (103) at 19:00


The River S2

Lindiwe (Sindi Dlathu) vows to fix things in her home despite Zweli's objections, and Beauty encourages Paulina to fight for what she wants. Thulani humiliates Cobra (Presley Chweneyagae) and the Dikanas get an unexpected guest, who has a grand business proposal for them. Dambisa (Brenda Ngxoli) won't take no for an answer, even if it means causing trouble in the Dikana home. Paulina is on the road to redemption.

Weekdays on 1Magic (103) at 20:00


Binnelanders S9

Julia Wessels gets the shock of her life when she goes to visit her husband Naas in Binneland Clinic. There’s a blast from the past and she has no idea what to make of it. Will she be able to leave the past behind to save her present? Decisions, decisions.

Weekdays on kykNET (144) at 19:30