SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star: Best Besties Ever Marathon on Nickelodeon (305)

Are you ready, kids? It’s time to binge with the ultimate BFFs in Nickelodeon’s (305) Best Besties Ever SpongeBob and Patrick Marathon. Watch it on DStv.

It’s not hard to believe that this award-winning show has been around for 20 fun-tastic years. After all, it follows a yellow sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea and who goes on chaotic adventures with his best friend Patrick Star – totally off the wall and totally hilarious! And as Nickelodeon (305) celebrates SpongeBob’s best year ever, on Saturday 29 February from 12:29 until 14:42, you get to binge-watch SpongeBob and his best friend Patrick in the Best Besties Ever Marathon, with episodes dedicated solely to the hilarious duo.


S5, episode 90: Donut of Shame

Waking up from a tea party, Patrick accidentally takes SpongeBob’s donut and is overcome with guilt. Fun fact, there’s an error in the episode but just for a split second, when Patrick imagines SpongeBob stepping on the donut under the carpet. Look out for a white patch on SpongeBob’s face.
At 12:29

S5, episode 97: The Battle of Bikini Bottom

This is also the title of the 2003 hit video game from the franchise. SpongeBob and Patrick have an epic blow up when they discover their opposite views on cleanliness. 
At 12:40

S6, episode 5: Slide Whistle Stooges

This episode is a play on the iconic comedy group formed in 1922, The Three Stooges. SpongeBob and Patrick get new slide whistles and while they are having a world of fun, it drives Squidward nuts, obviously. But after some time, Squidward can’t deny the fun and joins in. 
At 12:53

S6, episode 13: Krusty Krushers

Mr. Krabs forms his own professional wrestling team with SpongeBob and Patrick as his newest tag-team in Bikini Bottom. There’s another error to look out for in this episode; when Patrick gets a papercut on his right hand, he sucks on his left. 
At 13:05

S6, episode 17: Shuffleboarding

Although the episode is titled ‘Shuffleboarding’, there’s no actual shuffleboarding (a game where players use cues to move around weighted discs and are scored once the discs comes to a complete stop) taking place. When Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are booked to attend a shuffleboard tournament and can’t go, SpongeBob and Patrick dress up as the superhero duo and go in their place instead. 
At 13:18

S6, episode 21: Sand Castles in the Sand

This episode is a parody of the Crusades and World War II. What starts out as innocent sand building between friends turns into all-out war when SpongeBob and Patrick battle each other over who makes the best creation. 
At 13:29

S7, episode 32: Yours, Mine and Mine

Patrick and SpongeBob fight over a Krabby Patty Toy. The Krabby Kiddie Meal pokes fun at the McDonald’s Happy Meal.
At 13:43

S7, episode 49: You Don’t Know Sponge

This episode reveals some titbits about the lives of the title character and his bestie. After SpongeBob and Patrick take a friendship test, we learn that SpongeBob’s favourite colour is beige, he has an ‘outie’ belly button and his favourite ice cream flavour is plain vanilla. While Patrick’s favourite colour is aquamarine, he has an ‘innie’ belly button and his favourite ice cream flavour is dill pickle swirl with mustard and extra bacon bits.
At 13:54

S11, episode 7: Old Man Patrick

The title of this episode was originally set to be Squidward's School for Grown-Ups. Patrick’s alter ego Old Man Patrick makes an appearance and it’s up to SpongeBob to remind him who he really is. 
At 14:06

S11, episode 8: Fun-Sized Friends

This is the first time we see tiny SpongeBob and tiny Patrick. SpongeBob and Patrick create tiny versions of themselves with hilarious consequences. 
At 14:17

S12, episode 22: Who R Zoo?

When the Krusty Krab goes under emergency quarantine, no one knows who spread the mystery illness. Fun fact: Squidward never wears pants but in this episode he is seen wearing underpants underneath his farmer’s uniform. 
At 14:31

S12, episode 12: Biddy Sitting

SpongeBob and Patrick are tricked into babysitting a grouchy old lady who is hell-bent on escaping the pair. Fun fact: in the montage of Patrick and SpongeBob, they are holding six babies, but they are actually assigned to babysit eight babies. 
At 14:42

You can also binge-watch the Best Besties Ever Marathon on Sunday 1 March from 16:00

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