Stay Covered and Stay Connected with Decoder Insurance

Get and manage your DStv decoder insurance easily on the Self Service website, via WhatsApp or on the DStv app and always have something to share with the ones you love

DStv is all about connecting you to the world through stories that get you talking and tweeting. We give you binge-worthy entertainment that takes you far away while drawing you closer to your friends and family.

You need an uninterrupted service to sustain this connection to the world – and that’s exactly what DStv decoder insurance gets you. It’s essential to know that you’re covered when lightning, fire, flooding, mechanical failure or theft can stop your entertainment.

We’ve made it easier than ever now by bringing DStv decoder insurance to the Self Service websiteWhatsApp and the DStv app. You can insure your decoder, review, and manage your policy in less time than it takes to make popcorn!

This means that you get to stay home and #StayCoveredStayConnected.

3 ways to get and manage your decoder insurance

1. Self Service

self service

2. DStv App

Visit the DStv app

3. WhatsApp

  • Say "hello" to DStv on WhatsApp after adding us on 0600603788
  • Type "Main Menu"
  • Type "insure"
  • Type "1" to insure your decoder
  • Type "1" to accept your quote and agree to the T’s and C’s
  • Return to the main menu to insure your additional decoders
Stay in bed and watch movies

DStv Now is the online version of DStv and it’s no extra cost to all DStv subscribers. Visit and watch DStv on your laptop, tablet or phone. Just remember to keep an eye on your data.

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