Watch WildEarth on DStv 183
Watch WildEarth on DStv 183

Take a daily safari from your couch with WildEarth (DStv 183)

Start and end your day with a relaxing game drive during February’s season of plenty on WildEarth (DStv 183)

Nature lovers, pull on those long socks and bush hats, fill your tin mug and sit back for a daily safari with the WildEarth (DStv 183) channel this February.

Instead of loud and rowdy breakfast TV, the whole family can sit down for a guided, real-time TV safari in 5 of South Africa’s great parks: Djuma, Ngala, Pridelands, Phinda and Tswalu. As the animals do their thing, the experienced and knowledgeable guides pick out interesting details for you to look at. They’ll explain the animals’ behaviour, and even perform experiments to demonstrate things like the strength of an Orb-weaver spider’s silk.

An evening gamedrive means the family can wind down together at the end of the day, too. And if you’re stressed in the middle of the day, check in for an Escape Into Nature – nature videos that combine sounds from the scene with beautiful, gentle music. It’s the next best thing to the peace of being outdoors and in the wild.

Watch WildEarth

Come on safari!

You can climb aboard any time, but here’s when the guides set off for the day:

Sunrise Safari: 06:00-09:30
Sunset Safari: 16:00-19:30
Escape Into Nature: 12:30-16:00

In between these programmes, the previous day’s safaris will also play.

Here’s some of what you’ll be able to see in February…

Water everywhere

We’re deep in the rainy season at many of the parks this February. Djuma, Pridelands and Ngala are recovering from late January’s cyclones, dams and rivers are overflowing, and in Tswalu in the Kalahari, the semi-arid desert has been transformed into a green landscape filled with flowing streams.

Marula madness!

Water everywhere means a time of plenty. For the elephants, the month of love also delivers one of their most loved fruits, the marula. Hundreds of elephants are descending on Djuma for the banquet. Big elephants will be shaking the trees and this month the breeding herds will arrive at last, bringing everyone from babies to bulls to Djuma for the party.

Baby season

The arrival of the season of plenty means there are baby animals wobbling about all over the veld. Chicks are hatching in nests, and pups and cubs are leaving the den for the first time.

At Djuma, the guides are monitoring a helmet shrike’s nest, so you’ll be able to tune in every day to watch their chicks grow up.

But hungry mouths mean hungry hunters, too, and it’s prime time to see the big predators at work. Recently, WildEarth’s cameras captured footage of a Goshawk taking a chick from the nest.

A fan favourite on WildEarth (DStv 183) is The Rockstar Meerkat Gang at Tswalu Kalahari. The guides check in with them daily, and the matriarch's pups who were born last year have just emerged from the den and they’re full of pounce and bounce. With the babies gambolling about and scratching in the dirt, the gang is on high alert for any sign of activity from possible predators, especially jackals and birds of prey.

There are brand-new lion cubs at Ngala, and Mom is on guard as they’re still quite tiny and entirely helpless. But lion cubs develop fast, and we’ll be able to see them grow up before our eyes.

It’s also baby season for Djuma’s hyena clan, who live right in the middle of one of WildEarth’s home base locations, Djuma Private Game Reserve. Ntima, one of the clan’s sisters, has given birth to a cub who’s just now taking its first steps out of the den.

February Fireside Chat

With so much to see this month, you might have questions. For those who subscribe to WildEarth’s Explorer programme, WildEarth will be holding a special February fireside chat, which allows viewers to join some of our guides around the fire to discuss pair bonds in nature.

Get into nature

Also featured on WildEarth, you’ll see videos submitted by viewers showing their encounters in their backyards, balconies, local parks and trails. It’s a little bonus moment in which we can appreciate everything from the delightful jumping spiders that share our home, to doves cooing on our roofs, and the trees and seasons that we see. We might be a year into the pandemic and still staying home for the sake of the ones we love and the essential workers who help us, but we’re not alone. Nature is beautiful all around us.

Watch the daily Sunrise Safari at 06:00-09:30 and Sunset Safari at 16:00-19:30 on WildEarth (DStv 183). WildEarth is available on DStv’s Premium, Compact Plus, Compact and Family packages. To upgrade your package or to get DStv, click here.

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