Take a trip to the dark side with these true-crime doccies

There are deadly weapons and chilling monsters for the month of Halloween, but there’s also an insightful look at life with depression and a new know-how series.

Crossbow Killer

SA Crime Stories returns with a riveting tale of murder, betrayal and love gone terribly wrong. When police recover the badly decomposed body of a man from the sludge of Cape Town’s Liesbeek River, they are stunned to discover a crossbow bolt lodged in his skull. Forensic scientists are forced to think out of the box to identify the victim, while his apparently frantic widow contacts police about her husband’s sudden disappearance.

Starts Monday 7 October on Crime + Investigation (170) at 20:00

Poisonous Liaisons S1

From crimes of passion to those motivated by pure greed and revenge, poison, these toxic tales of murder will have you double-checking your tea and making your own treats for a while, as Poisonous Liaisons traces both the history and the science of poison in connection with modern crimes.

Friday 4 October on Crime + Investigation (170) at 20:05

Slenderman S1

This brand-new series tells the chilling tale of two seemingly innocent 12-year-olds who lured their friend to her death in the hope of appeasing a menacing fictional supernatural character is the topic of this alarming documentary. It features interviews with police, lawyers, witnesses and psychologists involved in the complicated and disturbing case.

Sunday 6 October on Crime + Investigation (170) at 20:50

The Production Line S1

Go behind the scenes of top international brands and design houses to witness the craftmanship and expertise that goes into producing your favourite items.

Tuesday 8 October on Discovery Family (136) at 20:10

Depression and Me

This highly revealing and poignant documentary follows the life of Alastair Campbell, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair's public relations specialist, and his devastating ongoing private battle with clinical depression. “It has a colour, a texture; it has a feel,” Campbell explains to Huffington Post. “It’s like a really unpleasant jelly-type thing.”

Starts Thursday 10 October on BBC Earth (184) at 20:00

Ted Bundy: Mind of a Monster

The question remains: How does an outwardly normal, charming man conceal his murderous nature from even his closest friends and family? Revealing interviews with Ted Bundy’s surviving victims and some of his nearest and dearest as well as astonishing audio recordings from Bundy himself give some insight into the mind of a true psychopath.

Starts Thursday 10 October on Investigation Discovery (171) at 21:00