The Bachelor’s Bridget tells her side of the story

While Bridget made it to the top two, she left The Bachelor SA finale in tears after Marc dumped her for “the other woman”.

Travel agent Bridget Marshall seemed stuck at the customs desk at the beginning of S2 of The Bachelor SA. She found herself seemingly lagging behind the other ladies in her relationship with Marc. While most of the women who made it through the original selection either shared a passionate kiss or had a one-on-one date with eye candy Marc Buckner, all Bridget had under her stylish belt was a handful of stolen moments at the cocktail parties. It got to the point that she packed her bags and threatened to leave the mansion, convinced that he didn’t want to be with her.


But the wait – and knowing her worth – proved worth it when Marc eventually took Bridget out on a candle-lit date in episode 7, sparking the flame for a solid romance based on trust and friendship. They continued to develop strong feelings for each other. She even made it to the top two, alongside speech therapist Marisia van Wyk. But the speech therapist won Marc’s heart and Bridget was set home. “I certainly didn’t expect to make it to the finale. I’m glad that I entered the show as I got to learn a lot about myself in the process,” says Bridget. Now she looks back on the season and tells us about what she’ll get up to next…



Bridget had great chemistry with Marc, so she admits that she was completely shocked when she didn’t receive the final rose. “I wouldn’t say that I was in love with him, but I was definitely developing strong feelings for him. I could see myself uttering those three little words in the future, for sure,” says 31-year-old Bridget.

While she kept her composure during their break-up, she felt torn apart on the inside. “I kept on telling myself: ‘Don’t cry, don’t cry.’ It was a hard moment for me. It was even more difficult because I knew the world was watching. The moment I walked away, it completely smacked me and I broke down. All I wanted to do was run into my mother’s arms, hug her and cry,” Bridget reveals.

Drama galore

During the season, Bridget constantly found herself surrounded by drama. If she wasn’t arguing with one of the ladies, she was at the centre of the tension between the purple and pink room. “I’m a very vocal person. I was out of my comfort zone living with 21 other ladies in the mansion. At times I felt intimidated by them and I do regret some of my actions, like the altercation with dancer Pasha dos Santos. We were just emotional, and being in that confined space got the better of us,” she explains.

One of the biggest scandals that Bridget was involved in during the season was when fashion designer Jessica Ross revealed that Bridget was spreading rumours that Marc had a girlfriend outside the show. “I was in a good place when I made the top four. All the drama was over, and I think that it was unnecessary for her to bring up the rumour a day before my date. I didn’t say that about him. It was a stupid thing that was flying around in the house, and it didn’t come from my mouth,” she insists.


Moving on

Getting over Marc wasn’t easy for Bridget. “I was a mess after the break-up,” she confesses. “I’m glad that I have a supportive family and great group of friends who were all there for me. There were days when I would lie in bed, cry and binge-watch Gossip Girl. I ate a lot and drank a whole lot of tea, but now I am okay and happy for Marc and Marisia. I think that they make a great couple,” adds Bridget, who’s still single.

Bridget is planning to continue travelling the world after the lockdown is lifted. “I’m single and ready to mingle. Please put that out there so that men can come find me,” she jokes. “I’m at a good place, and I can’t wait to see what is out there for me.”

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