The Bachelor SA – past contestants tell us why you have to enter!

10 of our fave contestants from Season 1 tell us why The Bachelor SA is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The ladies from the first ever season of The Bachelor SA shared so much of their journey – and their hearts – with us, we feel like we’re practically bffs. So, we asked them for their advice on why to take the leap and enter Season 2 of the country’s best-loved dating show.

Jozaan Digue

  1. The experience is incredible. Whether you leave on the first or last night, you meet amazing people and taking the step is worth it.
  1. This show will force you to get out of your comfort zone and take on the journey of self-discovery. You learn so much about yourself and that alone is so special.
  1. The dates are insane! You get excited to go on dates and everything is a surprise. It’s actually funny to be excited and nervous at the same time, all the time.

Jacqueline Pinto

I would one thousand percent encourage ladies to enter. What I’ve taken from my personal experience is something I wouldn’t trade for the world.

  1. You really do find love …
    It’s no secret that I seriously did fall for Lee, and although we all know that it didn’t work out, I found real and forever lasting love with the phenomenal ladies I met. It’s not that you go into a show like this expecting to make best friends for life, but somehow, you do.
  1. The dresses are to die for! Who doesn’t want to wear beautiful dresses every week? The show provides you with the most gorgeous gowns, seriously! Dressing up in dresses I would usually never have the chance to wear was a highlight.
  1. The self-growth is invaluable. I often compared the experience to looking into a mirror, sometimes even into a magnifying glass. You’re faced with yourself throughout the journey, often with parts of yourself that make you uncomfortable. At times, you feel insecure, jealous, scared. And then at other times brave, unique, and strong. Facing and learning to love each facet of myself was truly amazing. It was the toughest but most rewarding experience of my life to date. I came to realize how important it is to self-love.

Edith Mooketsi

  1. It’s more than just about finding a man. You get to learn so much about yourself during the process as it is a challenging yet unique journey.
  1. You get to try out new things and new adventures and meet exciting new people.
  1. I guarantee you one thing – given the opportunity, it’s the romantic trip of your life. Someone will be pulling out all the stops to make you feel like the queen you are, and that’s any girl’s wish.

Michelle du Plessis

  1. The experience is like no other. Regardless of whether you end up leaving in week two or three, or you end up as one of the final two – there will never be an experience like this. I personally decided that I would enjoy every moment of the experience, from the first rose I got to the last rose I got, and I can say it was well worth it.
  1. The people – from the contestants to all the people involved in creating this amazing show. Not only was it amazing to meet people from different backgrounds I would never had met in my life normally, but what you learn from them is so precious. Some of these people I will never see again, but they left me with something I would never have gained if I had not entered the show. And some of the people have become friends I know will walk a long path with me moving forward in life.
  1. The glamour – the mansion, the chefs, the dates, the gowns, the rose ceremonies – what girl wouldn’t want to live a life like that, even if it’s just for a day? And I lived it for a few weeks! That in itself is worth it all at the end of the day!

Gina Myers

  1. You meet people outside of your comfort zone. They have made such a big and positive impact on my life.
  1. You experience life – things you will never dream of, fairy tales you do dream of.
  1. You can do a world of good, spread kind messages, and most importantly – you can find love.

Tarryn Champion

  1. To move on from whatever you needed to move on from. Entering The Bachelor SA, regardless of how far you get, is such an exciting experience. The worry that kept you up for days, weeks or months on end? Consider it gone. Once you submit that entry, excitement and anticipation override everything else. You’ll see!
  1. The cocktail parties: if you’re a sucker for gin cocktails with pretty garnish, then enter.
  1. To meet awesome people. Everyone you meet is bound to be awesome! From the crew, to the girls in the mansion as well as everyone you meet after the show. My favourite meet so far has got to be Riky Rick. He’s so genuine and literally has the BIGGEST heart!

Jenna Carmen

The purest incentive to go on The Bachelor SA is the chance to have the fairy tale of true love.

  1. If you believe you're meant to be with somebody, there's no reason to think a TV show couldn't be the way. I opened my heart and took a chance, but I found love in a way that I would never have imagined, not with the Bachelor but with the girls of the mansion. The friendships I have formed with each of these ladies has brought so much joy and happiness into my life and for that I will be forever thankful!
  1. Contestants are cut off from distractions of everyday life. You don't have cell phones, social media etc., which I think is a great harm in relationships of today. The time in the mansion allows us to detox from our devices and to focus your time on the bachelor, which may lead to the possibility of finding true love.
  1. The adventure! The best experiences in life come from stepping out of your comfort zone. It is normal to go on this show expecting to have a new experience, maybe to travel, maybe to make some friends. Being open to anything is key.

Michelle Reddy

  1. It’s a weird yet daring way of potentially finding love.
  1. It teaches you self-management and how to respond to various and complex situations.
  1. You will get to experience the most exhilarating dates that are bound to grasp a connection and spark a feeling.

Kim Grey

  1. Find your girl tribe! If you have always dreamed of meeting a quality selection of diversely educated and exceptionally talented women who believe in getting what they want out of life and are go-getters – just like you – well, you have come to the right place to find your tribe! The bonds you create here are everlasting, so no matter if you find Mr Right or not, you will certainly walk away with deep connections and everlasting memories.
  1. Get out of your comfort zone! I know I love to push myself in all areas of life. Self-improvement can come in many forms to challenge you and grow you as a person. This is certainly true for anyone looking for love in extraordinary ways. It's time to get outside of your comfort zone and grow yourself in ways you could never have imagined.
  1. Own your Story! Whether you are a misfit like me or someone who has an interesting story to share, not everything in life is an Instagram highlights reel – showing up and owning your shadow-self is just as important in growing. Who knows? You might have a whole community out there who has travelled along the same journey as you. Love comes in all shapes and forms. Owning your story is confidence, and there is nothing sexier than confidence!

Nontombi Kuzwayo

  1. If you’re genuinely looking for love, you know yourself and aren’t afraid of being you, then enter! You’ll get to play dress-up and give a handsome, eligible gent a chance to get to know you while you suss him out too. Honesty, you have nothing to lose.
  1. Enter! Even if you don’t get the Bachelor himself, you’ll probably leave with great women you get to call friends.
  1. And finally, you only live once!

How to enter

Entries close on 31 August 2019 at 23:59, so get cracking, girls! You have to be over 21 – and single, of course – either never married or divorced. Click here to enter. You must meet the Terms and Conditions – which you can view at, have a valid South African ID and be available for filming between 5 October and 5 December.

Are you ready?

Excellent! Fill out the entry form, upload two photos and a video of yourself, and you’ll be in with a chance to be on the next season of The Bachelor SA!

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