The claws are always out in the Kardashians clan

The sisterly saga of tears, tantrums and trash talking is once again making headlines, as we relive some of the best fights in KUWTK history.

No one understands you like your sister does. She’s also someone who knows exactly which buttons to push to turn you into a shrieking harpy. And having practically grown up in front of a captive audience on their long-running reality series, the KarJenner sisters’ every insult, grudge and ugly-cry is captured on camera and broadcast worldwide. Not that this has stopped them from conducting all-out feuds and shouting matches. We take a look at the best of the worst clashes so far on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kim labels Kourtney a “fake humanitarian hoe”

This most recent sisterly squabble to grab the headlines sees Kim allude to her new career as a lawyer helping out those less fortunate than her. Apparently, the shrewd Kourt finds this new professional direction about as believable as the rest of the world does, and the insult was dealt by Kim after also accusing Kourt of copying her trademark style and being an “ungrateful b*tch”.

Kim and Kourtney hash it out over a scheduled photoshoot

The elder Kardashians were at each other’s throats two years ago when Kim attempted to draw the family’s schedules together for their family Christmas photoshoot. Kourt was about as flexible as a stone, prompting Kim to lash out and snarl, “No one wants you in the shoot. Get out of here and go.” And just to have the last word, she added insult to injury with her final words: “(Kourtney)’s the least exciting to look at, so she can be out.” Ouch!

The infamous Bentley fight

While waiting for Kim to collect her flashy Bentley at a car dealer, Khloé and Kourtney rubbed her up the wrong way when they became impatient with the long wait and tackled the dealer himself about the delay. Things escalated pretty quickly from there, with Kim accusing Khloé of being rude, jealous and wanting to ruin her moment, and Khloé swearing she would never look at Kim the same way again. Kim called momager Kris in tears, declaring she hates her sisters, and later joined them back at brother Rob’s flat swinging her Chanel purse at everyone in anger.

Kylie and Kendall’s clash

Back in 2015, model Kendall wanted to borrow Kylie’s favourite brown dress to change into after the ESPY Awards show, but Kylie was not having any of it and refused. The usually calm Kendall raged that Kylie was “the biggest b*itch” and upon leaving addressed Kylie’s dogs, calling Kylie an extremely rude word. There’s no filter on these sisters!

Khloé confronts Kylie for ditching her family

Back when Kylie was still dating rapper Tyga, Khloé, Kourtney and Kendall surprised her by showing up at her Galore cover shoot party during New York Fashion Week. When Tyga suggested the two of them leave the party, her older sisters were visibly upset and swore at him.

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