The crossover episode everyone is talking about!

The Arrowverse event of the year has got to be the Elseworlds crossover happening later this year.

The Arrowverse crossovers have been an annual event since 2014 when Arrow and The Flash first joined forces. Over the years, they’ve expanded to include other Arrowverse shows, but no matter who’s on the crossover cast list, they always deliver exciting new storylines, reveals, and repercussions for all involved. And something tells us this one is going to be a biggie.

This year’s event will air over three consecutive nights – Part One is on The Flash on Monday 24 June, Part Two on Arrow on Tuesday 25 June, and Part Three on Supergirl on Wednesday 26 June.

The Elseworlds three-parter kicks off with Barry Allen and Oliver Queen waking up on The Flash to find that they’ve switched bodies in the night. Now, these two have worked together before on previous crossovers, so it’s not like they don’t know each other, but we’re guessing this is a little more close-up and intimate than either of them was planning to get. Seems someone has been messing with the timeline … and reality itself.

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To unravel the mystery, Barry and Oliver will have to travel to Smallville on Earth-38 to enlist the help of Supergirl, and along the way we’ll get to meet two new characters - the mysterious Monitor, and more importantly, our gang of superheroes ends up in Gotham, where they meet Kate Kane, aka … the new Batwoman!

Set to get her own show, (which will be first to M-Net City, so watch this space for the release date) Ruby Rose’s Batwoman will make her TV debut in Elseworlds Part Two on Arrow, and we can’t wait to see her in action.

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As for The Monitor, fans of the old DC comics from the 80s might recognise the name. The Monitor is no stranger to crossover events, having debuted in only the second-ever DC comic book crossover in 1985, titled Crisis on Infinite Earths. That, coupled with the fact the Arrowverse crossover is called “Elseworlds”, has us thinking this might be the beginning of a huge shake-up of the Arrowverse, that could take all our favourites way out of their comfort zone - literally. Gulp!

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Either way, all will be revealed when Part Three of Elseworlds lands on Supergirl night, when Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Superman face the battle of their lives.

Watch Elseworlds: Part One on The Flash on Monday 24 June on M-Net City at 18:20

Watch Elseworlds: Part Two, on Arrow on Tuesday 25 June on M-Net City at 18:20

Watch Elseworlds: Part Three on Supergirl on Wednesday 26 June on M-Net City at 18:20